Here’s a few news tidbits and links for you:

• Some of you may remember my post when I asked for your thoughts on sharpening in Photoshop and Lightroom. Well, as much as I wanted to get that class done right away, several other things (books, etc…) got in the way. I’m happy to say that I recorded the last part of the class this week and it should be up early next week on KelbyTraining.com. There’s a few stories to this one which I’ll post about next week. I did incorporate A LOT of your feedback too (again more on it next week). I’m still not sure of the title. I’m thinking something catchy like “Tack Sharp! in Photoshop and Lightroom” or “Mastering Sharpening in Photoshop” or some combination of the two. If you have a vote (or any other ideas) please post a comment 🙂 Here’s a quick screen capture of the lesson outline in case you’d like a sneak peak.

• Speaking of books getting in the way ;), my Photoshop CS5 Layers book has been out for a few months now. I’ve started to come across a couple of reviews in case you’ve been holding off on buying it. Here’s one.

• Here’s another from Blogcritics.

• An interesting article on using some text snippet utilities in combination with Lightroom to speed up metadata, copyright and keywording.

• Lens Pro To Go is running a special discount through the end of February. You’ll get 15% off any lens rental. The code is: FEB15

Have a great weekend!


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  3. .During the keynote speech last week by Adobes John Loiacono Johhny L made a live link with a crew of internationally renowned photographers down in Tasmania that have gathered for a live test-run of the new Lightroom 2.0 Beta. During the shoot the photographers will be shooting uploading sorting and adjusting their images. As a sponsor of the event is supplying all of the photographers and the Adobe crew with all of their gear bags. OReily Media is feeding all of the blog coverage to the LowePro site where you can follow along with daily shooting and get first hand information from the photographers in the field on the new Lightroom Beta LowePro bags and other great Lightroom Adventure information. To see the blog follow this . .Im going to be conducting my own field test this week as I head off to Dubai in the U.A.E. I leave this coming Wednesday and going with me along with all my camera gear will be my newly downloaded copy of Lightroom 2.0 and a new LowePro Fastpack 250 photo backpack. I have written before about my search for the perfect travel backpack and this one looks pretty promising. It has a side-load compartment for easy camera access a side entry pocket that will hold my laptop and lots of pockets to hold my other goodies. Best of all it is small enough to fit under the seat on the airplane. Ill be giving this bag a real run for its money as it hauls my gear half way around the World and through the deserts and concrete jungles of Dubai. Ill have lots of time to write my review on the 18 hour return trip next week. I will also be searching out wi-fi connections along the way so that I can upload images all through the week. Make sure you stop by and follow along with me as I take a different type of Photowalk..Now speaking of Adobe scroll down to the next post to see some news about Photoshop Express..

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  4. Hi Matt, how ’bout ‘Unmask Sharpening’? It’s a reference & tribute to Unsharp Masking 🙂

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  5. Hi Mat, I have a question for you about white backgrounds. I do stock photos and sometimes the white background is not all white. Is there away to adjust or change the background in Lightroom or does it have to go to photoshop??

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    • That’s really a job for Photoshop. There’s no good way to just change the background in LR without affecting the whole photo.

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    • I agree with Matt that for high-quality output, you need Photoshop. However, if you’re just looking for a quick (comp) web upload, here’s a trick you might try. Press the J key to activate the Higlights / Shadows Clipping Warning. All the areas that are already pure white will show up red on your monitor (that’s what the ‘J’ key does). Then select an Adjustment Brush with exposure set to a high positive amount (e.g. + 3) and the Flow to something like 30. Paint over the areas that should be white (i.e. show up red) but aren’t. You’ll find that as you paint, more and more areas will show up red (thus 100% white in the picture). If one stroke doesn’t do the job, add another on top (that’s why I suggest working with a high Exposure value and a relatively low flow).
      The idea of working with the red ‘J-key’ overlay is that it’s hard to see if something’s 100% white without it… It might look white on your monitor, but not print pure white.

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  6. Hey Matt,

    I was just wondering,

    you posted Dtown returning way back Jan 21st.

    When will it be back?

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  7. has anyone heard of this, a plugin that lets you fade the opacity of any existing develop preset -> http://www.knobroom.com/thefader/

    sounds good, haven’t tried it yet, will look into it fore sure, but feedback would be great

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    • @ Christian: yep, I’ve been using it a lot lately. I did a blogpost on various ways to fade Lightroom presets over here: http://morethanwords.be/blog/fading-a-lightroom-preset-revisited/
      It’s not without it’s quirks and limitations (with regards to local adjustments, graduated filters and other ‘unfade-able’ items, but now I always try The Fader first to fade a preset, before trying one of the more memory- or time-consuming processes out there.

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  8. Great news Matt…

    Yesterday I was wondering when a sharpening training would be available at kelbytraining… The tips you gave in the LR3 kelbytraining were already pretty good, but the subject deserves a training on its own…


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  9. Have been waiting for this class- looking forward to watching it! I feel I don’t give sharpening it’s due justice, so hopefully after this I will be more proactive about getting the best sharpening possible. Thanks! (ps- they should send out weekly emails on kelby listing new classes- I get enough about subscribing, might as well get them on what’s new on their training site)

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  10. How about “Cutting Through the Haze of Sharpening” or “Sharpening: Cutting Edge Techniques for a Dull Subject”

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  11. Title for your course:

    The Cutting Edge of Sharpness


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  12. If you are still looking for ideas for posts, here’s one that’s been cooking in my brain for some time. In LR, what are all of the sliders that have a additional ‘look’ when you add the Alt key to the operation. Example: Develop mode > Sharpening Mask adds an mask overlay when the Alt key is used.

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  13. Matt, I have been checking for this class a lot!!! I am excited to hone my skills more after your class!!!

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  14. Hi Matt,

    Your book is awesome! Just started going through it. I have a signed copy my the Master! 🙂 A suggestion for title “How To Get Tack Sharp Photos in CS5 and LR”. Second choice would be “Tack Sharp …..”

    Looking forward to the class! Will you be covering Nik’s Sharpening Pro 3 in the Plug-In Section?


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    • Hey Dennis,
      Thanks. I’m not really covering Nik’s plug-in. You’ll have to watch the video about 3rd party plug-ins and you’ll understand 🙂

      Take care,

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  15. How about “Mastering Photosharpening”? 🙂

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  16. I like the ‘Tack Sharp’ option. It just sounds a little more dynamic. Look forward to watching the training.

    London, UK

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  17. I vote for “Tack Sharp!”…Mastering sounds torturous…

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  18. Hi Matt! Well deserved reviews on your layers book! On the sharpening topic, I like the “Mastering Sharping in Photoshop.” As an alternative, how about “Smart Sharpening In Photoshop or Lightroom.” Just my two cents worth for you. Larry

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  19. Looking forward to it, hopefully I find it. Like that your snapshot comes from TextEdit.

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  20. I’m so excited you finished this project. Can’t wait to take the class. I think sharpening, which is so important to the success of a photo, is one of the most difficult and confusing parts of post processing. My vote is for “Tack Sharp! in Photoshop and LIghtroom”. Great title. Attention grabbing and says it all. The lesson outline looks great, too. Can’t wait! Thanks, Matt, for tackling such an important topic in such a comprehensive way. – Lynn

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  21. Its about time you started to toot your own horn a little bit with Layers, 2nd Ed. Its hands-down one of the best Photoshop books out there.

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