Houston. We have Lightroom!

Calling all Houston Lightroom fanatics. I’ll be taking the Lightroom 3 Live Tour to Houston next month on March 9th and I invite you to come spend the day to help take your Lightroom skills to the next level. This is the place to come if you’ve been wanting to finally tackle the Lightroom workflow from start to finish. Basically, that’s how the day is organized.

First we start off in the morning by importing photos. I’ll go over my strategy for storing, organizing and backing up photos. This is always one of the topics that we get a lot of questions on so even if you don’t see your specific question address during class, I always leave some time after this class for questions from you.

Next we jump into the Develop module where 80-90% of the work done to my photos is done. And you’ll see exactly how to make your photos go from good to great with just a few sliders. We cover everything from getting the color right all the way to sharpening and noise reduction and when to use them.

After lunch we’ll look at adding Photoshop to the mix. While 80-90% of the work is done in Lightroom, I use Photoshop for just about every photo and I’ll show you how to seamlessly make the jump back and forth in this class. We’ll cover retouching, double processing techniques, HDR, panoramas and lots of little tricks to help take your photos up a notch.

Toward the end of the day we have a class dedicated to showing off your work on screen whether it’s a slideshow, video or the web.

Finally, we finish off the day with an hour-long class on printing. You’ll see everything from getting the right settings so you print comes out the way you expect, to creating some killer print templates with just a few sliders. We’ll also cover the custom print template features in Lightroom so you can create anything you want complete with logos and graphics.

The best part about this day is that it’s fun too. As you can probably tell from this blog, I’m not the kind of guy that sits up there reading from a workbook all day. I always save time for questions from the audience because I realize that’s one of the reasons why you come out to live training. I’ve taught this tour many times before and the crowd always has a great time and learns a ton throughout the day. I hope you’ll come join me on March 9th if you’re anywhere near Houston. Thanks!



  1. Dan Zientek 8 March, 2011 at 14:38 Reply

    The Houston Livestock show and Rodeo is HUGE. The rodeo, the carnival, the food, OMG if you can think of it it we can fry it!!! Try a fried oreo, snikers, jalapenos, or if you dare….fried butter. Hope you have a great time while you are here. Many members from the Houston Lightroom group are going and looking very forward to it. Thanks for all you do matt.

  2. Dennis 8 March, 2011 at 09:07 Reply

    If you’re here early then the Mardi Gras Parade at 6:30 tonight in Galveston. Always great shots unless the weather goes bad.

    Dittos on the rodeo, livestock show and Midway. It’s part of Houston tradition, and the weather doesn’t matter.

  3. Ronald 6 March, 2011 at 23:40 Reply

    The Houstong Livestock Show & Rodeo is in town…. that is a plsce for some great photo opportunities…
    See you on Wednesday…

  4. Rena Neal 5 March, 2011 at 10:16 Reply

    i know of several places to shot in houston, i grew up here. if you like cemantaries….there is one i’d shot at night cause 2 of the graves glow, discovery green is one of my favs to shot in, it’s got this statue that is awesome for framing people, there is amazing trees all around houston, some of the oldest and biggest oaks, then there is the wierd houses like the beer can house, it’s a neat place for patterns and texture shots, if you’d care for a tour jut ask, i’ll take you on one you’ll have the best shots from!

  5. Alan 1 March, 2011 at 15:39 Reply

    Matt: I’ll be at the seminar. One issue I’d like you to address, if you can, is the problem of having duplicate copies of the same pictures/files on a computer. Over the years I have combined files from different computers, and as a result I sometimes have multiple copies of a picture (same file name, different folders). Is there a way via ligthroom to address this? Otherwise I seem to edit the same photo over and over when it is in different folders.

    Thanks, and see you in Houston.

  6. Nicole Sansone 22 February, 2011 at 22:25 Reply

    Matt – I read that review of your book (from the link you provided) and Kloskowski, Irish? really? tee hee. ; )

    I can’t believe that you write books too, by the way! Who know that quiet kid that lived across the street from me would be doing all this??? = )

    Still haven’t decided if we are coming down to Photoshop World yet. = /

  7. Ronnie Beardy 18 February, 2011 at 16:20 Reply

    I feel so lonely up here in Northern Manitoba, we never get to see to many lightroom/photoshop types up here, besides fish and bears :). I think the rest of Canada might feel the same way. Any plans for workshops up here. I know Ben Willmore came by once in BC but that’s halfway across the country. What is the absolute minimum number of registrations do you need to get you up here, Winnipeg being the closest city. Maybe we can take you fishing 🙂

  8. Selwyn Selikowitz 16 February, 2011 at 16:53 Reply

    Living, as I do, in Sydney, Australia, I can’t attend your Lightroom 3 Live Tour. How can I access the information you impart to the attendees? Is there a book or a Kelby online course that you would recommend?

  9. John Swarce 16 February, 2011 at 08:51 Reply


    I attended your Boston LR3 show last year and it was one of the best seminars I have ever been too. Anyone that is on the fence about going to one of your upcoming stops on the tour should really put their concerns aside and register! A ton of information is given out, clearly and consisely, that really helps any level of LR user, beginner to advanced. Well worth the money!!! 😀

    Hey, Matt, just want to say thanks for getting back to a somewhat normal blog posting schedule. I know it must have been hard with writing your book, and all your other duties at the office. Good to have you back!


  10. Patrick De Smet 16 February, 2011 at 06:29 Reply

    Hi Matt,

    I’m not sure whether or not you have touched upon this “undocumented feature” of LR before, but until I found out the following about creating a new collection in LR and the sorting order in which the photos in that new collection were displayed, I lost a lot of time re-arranging them in the right sorting order, i.e. a specific “user order” I needed them to be in for a web gallery.

    It is something that is very important if you have photos arranged in a specific “user order” (in the View > Sort menu). Other sort orders (by Date etc…) can, obviously, easily be re-created automatically via the same View > Sort menu.

    If you create a new collection, initially leave it empty, and as a last, separate step, drag & drop the photos into it, the original “user order” of the photos, as it was in their folder or in their collection that you dragged them from, gets lost.

    I will explain this step by step.

    1. A number of photos in collection (or folder) “A” are arranged in a specific *user order*: e.g. photo12, photo07, photo10, photo15, photo03 (so not by date or any other “automatic” sorting order).
    2. You create a new collection “B”, and leave it empty initially.
    3. You drag & drop the photos from collection (or folder) “A” into the newly created collection “B”.
    4. …oh dear…the original “user order” from collection “A” is lost in collection “B”, and there you go, you have to re-arrange them manually…!

    The “solution” for this problem is to change the workflow described above, as follows:

    1. A number of photos in collection (or folder) “A” are arranged in a specific *user order*: e.g. photo12, photo07, photo10, photo15, photo03 (so not by date or any other “automatic” sorting order).
    2. Select all the photos that you want to go into the new collection “B”.
    3. Create the new collection “B”, but *be sure to tick the box “include selected photos” in the Create Collection menu window*.
    4. Collection “B” is created and displays all photos in the original “user order” that has been copied from collection “A”. No more need to re-arrange anything.

    I hope this is of use to other people too.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  11. Janine Smith 15 February, 2011 at 15:19 Reply


    When I took this class in Los Angeles last year, it changed my life. Not a lot, but it sure made me more productive. I finally “got” Lightroom and how it fits in my workflow. One of the best one-day seminars I’ve ever taken–highly recommended!

  12. Richard Davis 15 February, 2011 at 14:34 Reply

    Hi Matt,

    I signed up last week and am really looking forward to the day! I recently switched from a Bridge/ACR workflow to a LR3 workflow but need to work out the kinks in my process and get fully up to speed with the LR3 tools.

    I’ve been to classes led by Bert Monroy, Ben Wilmore, Jack Davis and Dave Cross on PS, Bridge and ACR so I’m glad you’re coming to Houston to add efficient and effective LR3 to my toolkit.

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