Hi, folks, and thanks to the 500+ photographers who came out to my Lightroom seminars in Atlanta and Milwaukee this week, many of whom inspired today’s post. I won’t go into all the specifics here (it’s a better topic for “The Grid”), but a lot of folks are having a hard time finding how to subscribe to Lightroom Classic (the Lightroom we’ve all been using for years – the one we know and love, etc.).

If you go to the Lightroom page at Adobe.com/Lightroom there is no mention of Lightroom Classic whatsoever – the entire page is all about Lightroom CC [the new cloud-storage version] and there’s no mention of Classic until you get to the bottom of the page where it lists what each subscription plan includes, and there you finally see the words “Lightroom Classic.” By the way, if you click on the “Learn More” link (seen below in blue), it takes you to another page that only talks about Lightroom CC as well, until once again, it lists what’s included in the plans.

Above: At the bottom of the page you’ll find this section, and it’s the middle plan (circled it in red) the one for $9.99 which includes Photoshop CC and Lightroom Classic (I highlighted it in yellow above). That is an absolutely killer deal!

If Classic is what you were looking for, here’s the link to their subscription plans page; just hit the blue ‘Buy now’ button for the $9.99 a month plan. Done (you can skip the rest of this article).

Note: This $9.99 plan does come with a trial version of Lightroom CC, but without the 1-Terabyte of cloud-storage you would need. 

You’ll notice that the $19.99 a month plan on the far right, includes Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop, but what you’re really signing up for is Photoshop and Lightroom CC because it includes 1TB of cloud storage for Lightroom CC (that’s why you’re playing double —approx. $240.00 per year — you’re paying for the programs AND the 1TB of cloud-storage for Lightroom CC).

The reason I’m saying what you’re really signing up for here is the Lightroom CC + Photoshop plan is that Adobe doesn’t recommend that you use Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic, (mostly due to syncing limitations between the two), you really need to pick one or the other and go with it. That’s why this is really a Lightroom CC + Photoshop + 1TB of Storage plan, and I guess Lightroom Classic is just there for…well…I don’t know why it’s in this plan. If you want to use Lightroom Classic, you’ll just buy the $9.99 a month plan. Well, I sure would.

I hope you found that helpful. 🙂

Above: Oh yeah, that’s how it’s done!!! Proving Wisconsin is indeed the Cheese Capital of America, the awesome Kevin Scott brought me a ‘welcome to Wisconsin’ gift to my seminar — A delectable can of Nabisco Easy Cheese and the perfect host for it — a box of Chicken in a Biskit crackers. Note how the blue cap on the cheese can, matches the color of the cracker box. That’s important for the perfect match of flavors. Kevin, I salute you and Wisconsonians everywhere (by the way, the Great State of Georgia was well represented too as Terry White brought me that same combination to my seminar in Atlanta on Monday). All hail the mighty cheese. 🙂

Hope you all have a delightfully cheesy Easter weekend, and we’ll catch you back here next week!