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A “Lightroom Classic” Survey (and a really helpful Lightroom tip)

…and if you take the survey, you get a Lightroom tip as my thank you gift (oh yeah, oh yeah!). 🙂

Happy Monday everybody, and greetings from Phoenix, Arizona where 250+ photographers are joining me for a full day of learning Lightroom – can’t wait to meet everybody!

After last week’s big announcements, which saw Lightroom CC renamed “Lightroom Classic” and a new program released which is now called “Lightroom CC,” I wanted to get some feedback from you guys about all this.

So, if you’d take this short 5-question multiple-choice survey, I will:

(1) Share the results directly with Adobe’s Lightroom team, and…

(2) Share an important Lightroom Classic tip at the end of the survey, just for taking it.

Here’s a link to the survey.

At the end, there’s a button that brings you right back here (well, at least that’s the plan).

Hope you all have a great Monday!