Win a Free Ticket to the Lightroom 4 Live Seminar!

This month, I’m kicking off my Lightroom 4 Live seminar tour from Kelby Training. First I head to Minneapolis, then on to Los Angeles, Chicago, and Lansing, Michigan. If you’ve been wanting to finally figure out how to work Lightroom into your photography this is a fantastic chance to come out and learn it from the ground up. I actually just got done (today as a matter of fact) updating the workbook for the event (yes, you get a workbook with everything so you don’t have to scribble notes the whole day). It gave me the chance to go through and tweak/add all those little things that I found gave people trouble the last time I taught the seminar. Plus I added all of the new stuff for Lightroom 4 (like the new Books module and all the new Develop module sliders).

Okay, now that I’ve got all the promotional tour pimping out of the way, I wanted to give you a chance to win a free ticket to the seminar. So here’s the deal. Leave a comment with the city you’d like to attend the seminar in (here’s the dates of all the seminar stops) and I’ll pick 1 winner for each city later today.

• Minneapolis: Monday April 23rd
• Los Angeles: Thursday April 26th
• Chicago: Monday April 30th
• Lansing, MI: Monday May 21st

Here’s the link to find out more about the entire day and sign up. Good luck and I hope to see you there! Oh and as always… if you are attending make sure you come up and say hi. I always love to hear from friends of the blog 🙂