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Presets – Update to the Ultimate Fighter Presets from Yesterday

Hey everyone. First, if you’re reading this make sure you scroll to the next post, as I’m giving away some free tickets to my upcoming Lightroom seminars. Next, I just realized that there’s two problems here on the site. 1) I named the “Ultimate Fighter” style presets from yesterday with a pipe character in them (“Ultimate Fighter | Strong” for example) and it seems to be giving Windows users some trouble. 2) I realized that nearly all (like 95%) of your comments are getting caught in my spam filter, so I’m not even seeing the comments when there’s a problem. So, below is a new link to some renamed presets that should work just fine. Sorry for the problems and I’ll make sure I change the names in any new presets I put up here. Thanks!

• Click Here to Download the Presets



  1. helene 24 April, 2012 at 18:02 Reply

    Hi Matt, I downloaded your ultimate fighter presets to LR4 and used them to finish two pictures I took of a fitness trainer…he loves them, of course ’cause the presets are perfect for the look he wants but when I open them in PS5 (and import them to my desktop to email) they look completely different, the rest of the pictures from the photo shoot look the same in and out of LR with all of the adjustments I made ….I’m still learning photoshop/LR on Kelby Training , so I’m probably missing an obvious step…maybe, is there anything I could try so that I can email and print ultimate fighter versions of my pictures, thanks

  2. Chrissy Maguire 18 April, 2012 at 07:07 Reply

    Please please may we have the focal point presets redone for Lightroom 4? they are brilliant! thankyou!

  3. David Wood 15 April, 2012 at 11:07 Reply

    Matt, some of my favourite presets from your site don’t work properly in LR4. Is there any chance that you could be convinced to revise some of your LR3 presets for LR4?

  4. Maria Sacadura 11 April, 2012 at 07:15 Reply

    I downloaded but not imported. I must be doing something wrong. It is happening this since I uagraded to LR4 and using W7. The same happened with your HDR2 but I finally succed only I can´t remember how!!! Thanks for sharing .Ilove your videos too.

  5. Robin 10 April, 2012 at 18:31 Reply

    Hey Matt,

    First and foremost, thanks for a great site with lots of tips and inspiration. Secondly, talking about issues, I have one for you. Perhaps you have already written about this (yes I admit, I’ve been absent for some time) but a quick search on the didn’t give any results. This is the case. Since I updated to LR4 I realized that my previous presets didn’t charm me any more. After I while I understood it’s because the basic panel’s controls have changed names and are no longer affected by the presets. So the question is how to deal with this. I have for example a bunch of “old” Matt Kloskowski presets back from the LR2 days that aren’t no fun to use any more. After some fiddling around I found that I could change to process 2010, apply an “old” preset and then update it to include process version. Resultswise it is fine for me to leave the old ones as process 2010 and have all new presets for 2012, but making this update to every single one of the presets is sort of time consuming. Even better of course would be to convert them all to PV 2012 but I won’t even bother to manually try to reproduce the effect of them all respectively. Any thoughts or reflections on this? /Robin

  6. Averil 10 April, 2012 at 17:31 Reply

    I noticed for awhile now that none of my comments have made it on any of the entries you had on Lightroom Killer Tips. I thought it strange since I am just a normal person and not a serial killer or anything (lol) Maybe the comments just got caught like you said in your spam filter whew oh good I can comment again as I had stopped. Thanks for all you do Matt!

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