Lightroom Presets

Presets – Update to the Ultimate Fighter Presets from Yesterday

Hey everyone. First, if you’re reading this make sure you scroll to the next post, as I’m giving away some free tickets to my upcoming Lightroom seminars. Next, I just realized that there’s two problems here on the site. 1) I named the “Ultimate Fighter” style presets from yesterday with a pipe character in them (“Ultimate Fighter | Strong” for example) and it seems to be giving Windows users some trouble. 2) I realized that nearly all (like 95%) of your comments are getting caught in my spam filter, so I’m not even seeing the comments when there’s a problem. So, below is a new link to some renamed presets that should work just fine. Sorry for the problems and I’ll make sure I change the names in any new presets I put up here. Thanks!

• Click Here to Download the Presets