Will You Take a Quick One-Question Lightroom Survey?


One of our esteemed readers, Matt S, suggested that I post a survey where we could all vote for our top five picks, based on my favorites from your feature suggestions which I posted those here on Friday. (hope that makes sense).

Well, I’ve got kinda half-that. I couldn’t figure out how to configure a survey that let’s you pick five answers out of a list of 10 or more, so I did the next best thing — I did a survey where you can pick your one favorite feature you’d like added to Lightroom, and it will calculate everybody’s favorite pick, and then we’ll see what the top five wind up being.

So, if you wouldn’t mind, click the link below to take this quick one-question survey.


Many thanks, and I’ll share the results of your voting here tomorrow.



P.S. Hope to see some of you in person this Friday at my full-day seminar in Hartford, Connecticut. Ticket’s here.