Results From Our Poll (and could you answer just one more question?)

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OK, folks, we had more than 3,200 respondents, and here are the results of the most-popular new feature suggestions from my readers:


Fascinating stuff! I wanted to vote for every one because your ideas were spot on! Alas, there can only be a few at the top. Let’s look:

#3 (Combine Library and Develop) led for a long time, but in the final hours it fell back a bit but just 30 votes separated it from the #1 spot, and most notably, the “Ability to put text anywhere on a picture or boundary area” was only 5 votes off the #1 spot, but we have to hand it to your #1 most-requested feature:

#1 “Holding Alt while brushing should use the current brush in erase mode (size same, settings, etc.).”

That seems like such an easy switch — I would love to see Adobe do it. Numbers 2 and 3 seem much more complex (for an engineering side, but I’m not a engineer so I’m usually wrong about how long software takes to develop) , but of course with the wonders that Adobe’s engineers pull off on a regular basis, they could probably tackle either one with ease. Relative ease. Some. ease. OK, they’re probably hard as anything. Who knows?

Wait! One More Quick One-question Survey!
Could I get your vote on which of the seven ideas I posted in my series here on  “Things I’d love to see added to Lightroom.” It’s an even quicker one-questions survey, and I love to see which of one of those you thought would be the most helpful to you:

Here’s the link (and thanks in advance for participating).

Check back tomorrow for the results! 🙂



P.S. Thanks to everybody who took the time to take the poll. Much appreciated indeed.