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My Favorites From Your Ideas For New Stuff To Add/Fix Next in Lightroom

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You all totally rocked it!
I read every single idea you submitted, and I gotta tell, there’s some absolute GOLD in there (and man would I be thrilled if Adobe implemented your ideas!!).

Here are my favorites from the ideas you all posted here as comments:

What I’d like to see in Lightroom is content aware fill to go along with photo merge for panoramas.
–Keith Z

Two small easy (?) tweaks – I would like to be able to highlight folders or collections with a colored label – just to make one stand out to get to it quicker. But the big one is a ‘Cancel’ button when I inadvertently ask Lightroom to close! There’s no way out when you get to the window that lets you backup or skip the backup and quit. I’ve been using LR since version 1 but I still accidentally close it constantly and it drives me crazy that I can’t just back out and go back to work.
–Carol Parker

A book template to suit panos.

I’d like to see an adjustment brush that could be different shapes. Round is okay but for a building, I’d love to have a square shaped brush to get tight in corners.

What about Letting Smart collections go to LR Mobile that would be so useful. I don’t want to send a whole collection, or create special collections every time I want to send something to my tablet.

Printing: the ability to put text anywhere on any picture or boundary area in any of the 3 available print layout variations, single package and custom packages.

Keymapper with the ability to record and use macros of repetitive steps. They have the commands under all those key sequences and menu picks, there’s no reason they can’t do that. If you never use a shortcut, you should be able to remap it to something useful.

I’d love a right click contextual menu to add a photo to a list of my existing collections. It’s a real pain (and very slow) to have to drag it all the way down to a particular collection. Target collection feature is nice but it assumes I work on populating one collection at a a time.

I’d like to see Lightroom Mobile synchronize multiple catalogs.
–Gary Lum

Smart guides in the print module.Actually, I’d like them to completely start over with print module. With everything they know from InDesign, the print module really shouldn’t be as clunky as it is. But, in the absence of a complete overhaul, just bringing in smart guides (which seems to be in, and well implemented, in virtually every other app they make) would make a world of difference for me.

Easy duplicate removal in the library module

In the import step. A way to import JPEGs and raw files separately. Another feature PhotoMechanic offers that LR does not.

What I do not like is having to keep clicking between the Library and Develop modules. Aperture was setup in a very similar way, but those two modules were combined. You Aperture users know what I mean.

Lr should also include the ability to only import images that have been flagged/protected in camera âla Aperture 3 has been able to do this since at least 2010.

I’d like to see a localized tone curve. Why can’t we have the tone curve on the brush, instead of having to go to Ps.
–Jay B

[NOTE: the next 5 are all from the same person]
1. Holding Alt while brushing should use the current brush in erase mode (same size, feather, etc). Right now it switches to the separate “Erase” brush which is always the wrong size/feathering. I find that I have to change several of the Erase brush’s settings almost every time before erasing and find this to be one of the biggest annoyances.

2. Remember panel positions for each view – make it a preference. I find that I always hide side panels when in C (compare) mode, hide all panels and a toolbar in N (survey) mode, and show all panels in G (grid) mode. Right now this constant panel showing/hiding takes a lot of time.

3. Change Tab and Shift+Tab behavior to hide currently visible panels show previously visible panels – as opposed to showing ALL panels. For example, I never use the top panel, so I have to hide it separately over and over again.

4. When I re-edit a photo I first check what adjustments have been done previously. Basic edits are easy to see, but if there were local adjustments made I have to click on each tool in turn (Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, Adjustment Brush), then hover over an image to see if there any pins that might contribute to the current edits. It would be so much easier if the tools were highlighted in some way when there’s at least one adjustment of the kind for the current image.

5. Show total file size when several photos are selected. Right now it says (see “Exif and IPTC” view in Metadata panel), which is not useful.
–Olga Z

Personal customizable sub-panels
–Pieter Dhaeze
The biggest thing for me as a switching aperture user is that it doesn’t show you the size of the image as you’re cropping. It’s be super easy just to show the megapixel amount so I have some kind of idea.
It would be nice when opening the copy dialog box, that you could see right away where changes have been made so you could decide what you wanted to copy. They could be in a different color, or bold etc.
–Jeff L
And while they are at it: Come on, Adobe, how hard would it be to allow us to layout out custom pages in Lightroom Book Module? It’s right there in the print module. We’’re on Lightroom 6 ‘SIX, for gosh sakes.’ AND you had it in (the long defunct) Adobe Album! Why do I still have to use a workaround, or (worse), a different app to layout custom pages in a book?
This would be a nice addition, but what I would find much much more helpful is to be able to right-click on an image and be able to add to any collection, not just the quick collection. Perhaps an ‘Add to Collection’ sub-menu that lists the last 10 accessed collections plus an ‘Add to Last Used Collection’ entry.
I’d still like to see Adobe allow us to create a Collection Set template that can be copied and re-used when importing events, like say a wedding, with the Wedding Collection Set and then collections of various event photos during the day;,or Vacation Collection Set and various Days or Sites during the vacation. They only allowed a master Collection Set to be copied and not sub-collection sets and/or collections within it.

Thanks to everybody who shared their ideas — now let’s keep our finger’s crossed that Adobe agrees with you, too! 🙂

Have a great weekend, everybody!