What I’d Love To See Next in Lightroom: Part 4

Happy Monday everybody! Here’s #4 in my on-going series on “What I’d love to see next in Lightroom:”

Copy the Type Panel from the Books module over to the Print module 


The text options are so incredibly limited in the Print Module — you basically have to use the Identity Plate to do anything, and then once you do you can only do three things: (1) Choose the font (2) the Style [bold, italic, etc.), and (3) choose the Size. That’s it.

There’s no leading, tracking, kerning, baseline shift, justification, and all the great controls Adobe already put in the Book Module’s Type panel. So, they’ve clearly moved a version of Adobe’s own type engine into the Book Module— why can’t we have it in over the print module? Again, seems like “low hanging fruit” — they don’t even need to design a UI for it — there’s already panel just waiting there, one module away.

So, that’s it for number #4. 🙂

Quick shout out to reader Pieter Dhaeze, who posted a feature request comment on Friday that I loved: creating your own customizable panel. I would so love that! Imagine being able to take just the stuff you use in certain panels and collect them all in one panel. How much would that speed your workflow, right? High-five to Pieter for that one!

Hope you all have a great Monday, and I’ll be back tomorrow with #5 in my series (we’re half way there).



P.S. I shared some of my favorite photos from my trip to Spain last week. Hope you’ll stop by and check them out right here.