What I’d Love To See Next in Lightroom: Part 5

Add a ‘New Collection Set’ option to the New Collection dialog

(I did a mock-up of the UI below)


This speeds our workflow because now we can create New Collection Sets any time we make a new Collection. In this case, here’s how my workflow would go now:

Step One: I import the photos from my shoot, and select just the Corvette shots.
Step Two: I create a New Collection; name it Corvette, and create the new Collection Set right now in the same dialog (as seen above) and when the naming dialog appears, I name it Car Studio Shoot.

Now my new Corvette collection appears in my new Car Studio Shoot Collection Set — it’s fast, quick and keeps thing moving with jumping back and forth between dialogs.

So, that’s #5 in my series. By the way — I read all of your feature suggestions, and I’ve gotta tell ya, there are some fantastic ideas here — you’re really making it tough to pick my favorites — I really dig they you guys are thinking! 🙂

Have a-rockin’ Tuesday (how’s that for putting a spin on Tuesdays?)