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Tip for Working With Type in Lightroom’s Book Module

Greetings from Hartford, Connecticut (I’m here today doing my new seminar): This is just a quickie to take you into the weekend, and it’s something that’s not super obvious but really helpful when you’re working with, or proofing text you’ve entered on a page in the Book Module (and it just saved my butt when I printed a hard cover book — it helped me find some issues I would have missed).

This tip is not just for the cover!
I always tell people in my Lightroom photo book-making classes that the “Single Page View” is really helpful for proofing text you’ve entered because when you hide the Filmstrip, it’s a much larger view so the text is much more legible, but that view doesn’t work well where you need it most — the front and back cover. That’s because it treats the entire cover —  front and back as one page (whereas the rest of the book you can see just the left or just the right, so the page is much larger on the screen).


So, here’s my tip (it’s not just for the cover). If you’re looking at a two-page spread (in Spread View) and press Command – + (Windows: Ctrl – +) It zooms to the single page view. Now press it again. BAM!!!!


Your page is now zoomed-in huge and you’ll even have to scroll around a bit just to get to where you text is to see it, but at that huge size you won’t miss anything. Again, this just isn’t for the cover — it works for inside pages (like the one shown here) and I’ve found it incredibly helpful when creating books, especially when working on my 15″ laptop.

By the way — You can use this same tip to zoom all the way out to the Grid View, you just press Command – – (the minus sign) or Ctrl- — on Windows instead.

Hope you find that little tidbit helpful. Hope you all have a great weekend! (Go Tampa Bay Lightning!) and we’ll see ya back here on Monday!



P.S. If you feel like watching something really silly, check out this short video of my “Changing of the Guitar” ceremony (the folks on my Facebook page chose one guitar to leave the wall of my office and go home), so we did an official ceremony for the momentous occasion. Here’s the link. Be forewarned — this is seriously stupid stuff, but at the same time, it’s perfectly appropriate Friday viewing. 😉