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My Vote For “Most Confusing” New Lightroom Classic 7.2 Feature

I’m basing my vote on comments, emails, Tweets, etc., because I’m seeing a lot of folks scratching their head over this one. So, Adobe added (in the recent 7.2 update) a new criteria for making Smart Collections, or filtering in the Library Filter Bar. This new criteria is called “Has Edits” so theoretically choosing this criteria would make a Smart Collection (or you can filter by it), with nothing but your images that have edits applied. But wait, isn’t there already a criteria called “Has Adjustments?” Isn’t that the same thing? Well, yes it is, but with one small, weird, confusing exception (well, confusing if you didn’t somehow know).

Has Adjustments — this means you applied adjustments to it in Lightroom but it DOES NOT include cropped images. So, you could have just cropped an image; chosen “Has Adjustments” and even though you adjusted that image, that cropped image wouldn’t appear in your Smart Collection or in your Library Filtered results.

Has Edits – is the same thing, but this one actually will include photos that are cropped. Oy!

I know what you’re thinking, but let’s keep this classy. 😉 Anyway, I hope that clears up any confusion.

My New Post Processing Class is now live
Part 2 of my courses called “Mastering the Natural Light Portrait” is now online, and this one is all about the Post Processing. In the course, I take the images taken in Part 1; I let you download the original RAW files and follow right along, and I go through my Lightroom and Photoshop editing techniques. Sometimes they’re really minor, some times they’re kinda major (I’m not doing retouching – this is Develop Module stuff and some Photoshop).

Here’s the direct link to the course (I hope you’ll check it out this weekend — Start with Part 1 – the shooting, then do the Part 2: post processing). Also, dig our groovy new set while you’re there (the images you see on the monitors behind me are the images I’m editing in the class).

NOTE: even if you’re not a member, you can still watch the first lesson where I take you through how I edited the image you see above from start to finish. Join right there on the spot to see the entire course (and loads of other courses, too!).

OK, that’s it for me folks. I’m taking the day off today to hang out with my sweetie. Hope you all have a rockin’ Friday!



P.S. Don’t forget next Wednesday I’m teaching my Lightroom seminar in San Antoniohope you come out and spend the day with me.