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Using the Color Picker in Lightroom Classic

OK, you gotta give me a few days to get used to saying “Lightroom Classic.” In the meantime, here’s another great 60-second or less video from the Lightroom team’s own Benjamin Warde on using the Color Picker.

Thanks, Benjamin.

In less than a week, I teaching Lightroom in Dallas
Well, technically Arlington, but the Cowboys play there and they still call them the Dallas Cowboys, so let’s just call it the “Dallas area” shall we. Anyway, I’m there on Monday, November 6th, and I hope you’re there with me, too — it’s a full-day of Lightroom training and it’s 100% Guaranteed to rock or your money back. Only $99 for the full day, including my detailed workbook, my Develop Module presets, print presets, videos, and more. Tickets and info here.

Hope you have a-rockin’ Tuesday!