Happy Monday, everybody! First, big news — we just released a new class all about Presets from the French Lightroom Guru himself, Serge Ramelli, and not only is a kick-butt class, Serge has created a set of great presets that come free with the class.

Check out this 30-second message from Serge about the class:

Here’s the link to watch the full class.

Custom Presets in the new Lightroom CC (cloud-based Lightroom)?
Adobe Worldwide Evangelist Terry White did a short video on how to do something with the new Cloud-based Lightroom CC that most folks thought couldn’t be done — adding Presets created in Lightroom Classic for the Desktop, to the new Lightroom CC for the cloud. Check it out:

Thanks, Terry (and Serge).

Here’s to a fantastic week, full of possibilities! 🙂






  1. Jon Reid 30 October, 2017 at 17:51 Reply

    Scott, as the Lightroom guy, can you tell me if you’ve heard reports of the software going awry ever since the update? All sorts of bugs seem to have invaded my CC apps on both a PC and Mac. It’s like they’re using their customer base for beta testing.

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