Win A Free Ticket to One Of My Fall 2014 Lightroom Seminars

Edit: The Free Tickets have been given away. Here’s the winners:

Matthew Jackson – San Antonio

Jennifer – Colorado Springs

Trisha – Livonia

Brendan Reilly – Philadelphia

Okay, my fall 2014 schedule is locked in for my Lightroom seminar tour and I figured I’d announce the dates and give away a free ticket to each city. If you’ve never attended the seminar before, it’s basically a 1-day Lightroom crash course. Here’s a quote from one of the attendees from last year:

“Matt is absolutely the best instructor in the world, and his Lightroom seminar is the most amazing seminar you’ll ever attend”
Matt’s Mom (true story, she attended my Ft. Lauderdale seminar last year) 😉

The day consists of 5 one-hour-ish classes with breaks in between. It starts off with the first class on organizing and importing your photos in to Lightroom. It’s such a crucial part of Lightroom, and with my new way of teaching the importing process, I’ve had people come up after the first hour and tell me they got their money’s worth already.

After that we jump in to the Develop module and editing. I’ve got some great tips and tricks for you on which settings work best (and which ones you can probably skip). From there we talk about when you need to jump to Photoshop and I’ll go over some various projects on working between Lightroom and Photoshop.

Finally, we finish the day with output. Saving images for the web, creating photo books, and printing (both color calibration and soft-proofing). I get a ton of great feedback from the seminars and I hope you’ll join me if you’re in the area. Here’s where I’ll be.

• Adobe Max in Los Angeles – Actually this isn’t part of my seminar tour, but if you’re in LA and want to catch a couple of my Lightroom classes, I’ll be there from October 4-9th. You can find the details here about my Lightroom classes and to sign up.
(NOTE: This isn’t part of the free ticket give away)

• Livonia, Michigan – September 29th

• Colorado Springs, CO – October 22nd

• Philadelphia, PA – November 4th (and you get extra points if you bring me a philly soft pretzel) 😉

• San Antonio, TX – December 5th

Here’s the link to the website to sign up. But if you leave a comment and mention the city you want to go to, I’ll pick the winner tomorrow (Friday Sept. 12th). And if you want to snag a seat today in case any of them sell out, I’ll even make sure they refund your seminar fee if you’re the winner.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope to see you this fall! Oh, and if you do come out to the seminar, please come up and say hi. It’s great to meet people from the blog and it really makes my day 🙂