Hi Gang – I’ve had some folks who aren’t sure what I meant when I said my new online course on “Designing Beautiful Wedding Albums in Lightroom CC” was more about the design and layout, than on teaching you how to make photo books in Lightroom (especially since I already have a course on that topic).

So, I asked our video crew to pull out an actual excerpt from the online course so you can see what I’m talking about, and once you watch it, it will be immediately clear. In this excerpt I did two layouts – in the class I do a whole bunch! (in fact, that’s most of the class — showing you how to create, and then save, these layouts as your own custom templates so they’re just one-click away in the future).

Anyway, the clip (below) is 5-1/2 minutes long, but even if you just watch the first couple of minutes, you’ll totally “get it.”

Here’s a link to the full class if you’re a KelbyOne member and you want to check it out (and if you’re not, you can join for $19.95 for a month and watch it to death (to death I tell ya!).

I’m in Houston, Texas today for my seminar – Hope I get to meet some of you here (make sure you come up and say hi).



P.S. The next stop for my seminar is New York City on Thursday, March 3rd. If you’re up that way, I hope you’ll come and spend the day with me.