Lightroom Tips

Tip – Exporting Original Raw files with changes

If you’ve ever wanted to take a raw file that you work with in Lightroom and send it to some one else to work with, but also include your changes to that file, here’s how. First, it’s worth mentioning that if you just find the original raw file that you worked with in Lightroom and just copy that file you’re not getting your Lightroom Develop changes with it – those are stored in Lightroom’s catalog. You’re just getting the original unedited raw file. But if you go to the File menu and choose Export you’ll get the export dialog and one of the export format options (in addition to JPEG, TIFF, and PSD) is Original File. Choose that option and Lightroom will put your raw file where ever you specify AND it’ll put a .XMP file with the same name in the same place. Just grab both files and send ’em away and the recipient will be able to open your raw file with all of the changes.

PS: (you don’t see PS’s in blog posts often do you) It’s also worth noting that if you use the DNG format that this tip still applies but Lightroom won’t include a .XMP file because all of the changes are stored in your DNG file – not XMPs.

Thanks for tuning in folks. I know it was a slow week here on the site but I had to jump in and teach a seminar for a co-worker this week and it kind of threw a wrench into my plans. We’ll be back to normal next week with videos, and presets, and tips and all that fun stuff. See ya!