Lightroom 2.2 is Available

Howdy folks. Just thought I’d give you a friendly reminder that Lightroom 2.2 is available. You can read all about it here at Tom Hogarty’s blog (the Lightroom 2 product manager) but I figured I’d cut straight to the chase and tell you, at least from my point of view, the juicy stuff. For starters, YES, Adobe has improved performance of the Adjustment Brush. Although my personal issues with it were sporadic and hard to reproduce, my early indications are that I’m definitely seeing better performance there. There’s a few other fixes included but, to me, the major one is that the camera profiles are now prime time and included in the Camera Calibration panel by default. This is huge! There’s a lot of people that are still hesitant of beta software and wouldn’t download them from the Adobe Labs website (plus, they were buried there anyway). I think they’ll become a lot more useful now that they’re included in the software by default.

Here’s the link to download 2.2 for Mac

Here’s the link to download 2.2 for PC.

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