Time for another round of articles, links and whatever else I’ve found interesting over the past week:

• Kelby Training (where my DVDs and online training live) has a really good deal (40% off) on CS3 DVDs. You can pick up most of them for around $33 (if you’re a NAPP member). CS3 is still current and, even if you have CS4, a lot of the stuff works just the same with CS3 so make sure you at list take a look through the list.

• A neat article from Camera Dojo I received following up my watermarking video from a few weeks ago.

• An interesting read from Eric Scouten with his take on organizing the Lightroom catalog.

• Finally, some inspiration from the Boston Globe. This a part of their website called The Big Picture and it’s got some amazing stuff on it. You’ve got to scroll down and go to “Previous” or “Next Entry: for more but it’s worth some time to explore some of them.