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In Stock Now – The Print Edition of My Lightroom Classic Book

It’s here, it’s in stock, it’s in print, it’s real, it’s awesomeness, and every living Lightroom user in the known universe should own a copy (can you tell it’s late when I’m writing this)?

It’s the biggest update I’ve ever done to the book — all the new features are here, including the just-released Profiles, and there’s lots of helpful stuff, insights, and lots of what to do (and what to avoid).

There are three ways to get this new print edition:

  1. You can get it right now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever awesome books are sold.
  2. You can buy it directly from the Publisher, Peachpit Press and get a bundle deal for the Print Book and the eBook edition (link)
  3. 3. If you’re going to the Photoshop World Conference next week (and I hope you are), you can buy it at the Official Bookstore. I’ll be doing a book signing there as well.

Here’s a video (below) with a little about the book (NOTE: the video says you can pre-order the book, but obviously the book is already out now and shipping so…ya know).

So, there’s ya have it folks – it’s fresh out of the oven and ready for some lovin! (again, it’s late).

One more thing…
I’ve got LOTS of Photoshop World news over on my blog today, along with how to enter the Profoto giveaway where you could win $10,000+ worth of Profoto lighting gear, and one lucky winner is going to take it all. The link to enter is right there on my blog. Hey, ya never know, right?

Have a great weekend, and I hope I see you next week in Orlando! 🙂





  1. Dennis Zito 27 May, 2018 at 06:47 Reply

    Hey Scott,

    Ordered the Bundle from PeachPit downloaded the e-book and got the soft cover book yesterday! Heading over to Office Depot today to get it spiral bound. They do an excellent job and it’s only 4 bucks! I really like the spiral bound, makes it much easier to follow with the book in my lab! 🙂

    Looking forward to getting into it!!


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