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How To Share Your Lightroom Ideas & Suggestions Directly With Adobe

Hi, gang:
I hear from a reasonable amount of folks who leave comments or send me messages asking me to share an idea or suggestion with Adobe for something they’d like to see added/changed/fixed/disabled/etc. in Lightroom Classic but you don’t need me to get your ideas heard. Adobe has a special forum just for you to share ideas directly with the team who monitor those forums daily.

Here’s the link. 🙂

Posting there is your best chance to be heard by the very people who can make it happen.

To increase the chances…
…of your idea or suggestion being considered by Adobe, when you post your idea I would recommend being nice. In fact, you should be nice always but especially when asking for someone to do something for you. That’s not an official Adobe thing, but it should be just an official “life” thing. 🙂

Are you in Atlanta? I am.
I’m up here today, but I’m teaching my full-day “Photoshop for Lightroom Users” seminar here tomorrow. Come on out and spend the day with me. Tickets and Info here. 

Call for Entries: You Could Win Your Own Solo Gallery Showing
The details are over on my blog today, but if you think you have no chance of winning — you’re in good company. Nobody that has won any of the competition even though they would win (and that’s in their own words). But they did do one important thing — they entered. Here’s the link for how to enter.

Hope I see you in Atlanta tomorrow (or Ft. Lauderdale next Monday). 🙂

Have a kick-butt Monday, and Roll Tide!