Results from Tuesday’s Lightroom Feature Survey

Hi Gang: Here are the results from your voting, based on my Top Seven Feature Requests (the ones I had written about here on LightroomKillerTips during the past few weeks), and this wraps up our Lightroom feature fest!


As I expected, the “Make Thumbnails and Full Size Previews Load Lightning Fast (like Photo Mechanic)” feature wish was not only #1, but it was nearly 1,000 votes ahead of the second choice (Show a Preview of Output Sharpening).

Many thanks to everyone who voted and shared your awesome ideas here on the Blog, and on my Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s been interesting, enlightening, and a whole lotta fun.

One more thing…
I want to invite you to submit images for today’s Blind Critiques episode of “The Grid” (our weekly talk show for photographers, hosted by RC and me). If you’d like to have your work considered (we show your images but don’t mention your name on the air), just leave us a link to your images at this link:  – no particular topic, so anything goes!

We’ll pick 15 or so photographer’s work to go over on the live show which is broadcast tomorrow at 4:00 pm EDT. See you then!



P.S. I did an online class called “Working Faster in Lightroom CC” and I cover everything from key preference settings to the most important keyboard shortcuts to…well…a whole bunch of stuff to make Lightroom, and you, faster and smarter. Here’s a comment on the class posted by Tom (one of our KelbyOne members), who wrote,“Scott, your LR training courses are just fantastic! What a launch of the LR CC with all of the new stuff on the KelbyOne site. You guys are really making our memberships so much more valuable with all of your great seminars and classes. This course you did to helped me speed up processing in LR really helped me out tremendously……….thanks!” If you’re a KelbyOne member, here’s the link. If not, here’s the link anyway.  🙂



  1. Charles Putnam 4 June, 2015 at 12:59 Reply

    One thing I’d like to see Adobe fix – when you edit an image in a plug-in like on1, Nik, etc., Lr creates a separate TIF file. If you decide not to do anything in the plug-in, you still have an extra TIF file. Adobe should be able to fix this so that If you decide not to do any edits in a plug-in, after closing the plug-in, the TIF disappears.

  2. Ron Alexander 3 June, 2015 at 13:05 Reply

    As a former software troubleshooter including performance tuning I can tell you that unless the Adobe programmers are incompetent (i.e. don’t know how to profile code) there may not be anything that can be done. The reason for this is you are comparing a motorcycle to a Hummer. If PM did all the functionality and work of LR the performance MIGHT be the same. I also need to ask, since I vaguely recall a comment made on another forum, if the two products are displaying the same thing. My aging memory recalls that PM is using the built in jpeg preview inside the raw that is shown on the camera back while LR is building a higher quality image on the fly but I could be wrong.

    • Steve S 5 June, 2015 at 08:32 Reply

      As far as speeding up the existing processing flow, you may be correct, though I think they can do a lot better in exploiting multiple cores and GPUs. But that’s not what Scott (and many of us) are proposing. Rather, we want Lightroom to do what PM does. Just pull out the embedded preview and display it. They should be able to bolt this onto the existing LR with minimal impact. Maybe have a checkbox in the Library module to use the embedded previews. Sure, they would be lower quality than the normal previews, but as PM demonstrates, they would be fine for doing the initial ranking/grading/sorting to identify selects for further processing. Then we could switch to regular previews to work on the selects.

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