Monday Presets – 5 Across Print Preset

This week, I’ve got some really sweet print preset. First, I was looking at a frame that a friend of mine (RC) picked up for me at IKEA. It was one of those 5-across layouts. I thought “Hey, I can do that in Lightroom”. Then it actually got even cooler after I started thinking about the other week’s video on stacking panos in Lightroom. I was getting the presets ready for this week and accidentally clicked on several of the photos in my panorama stack. I looked at it and thought “Hey, now that’s pretty cool!”. It’s kind of like a fake pano spread across the layout. Now I know the photos aren’t actually stitched together but I still think it looks pretty darn cool. That said, it wasn’t created for that purpose so you can just use it for any photos. But the pano does look pretty sweet too. Enjoy.

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Pano Print Preset
Click here to see a video on how to install presets.


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  1. I’m keep getting the ” failed to convert image to native blob ” error when I try to create a new User Template in the Print module…also get it when I execute CTRL-S in the print module trying to save print module settings…what is up with this..I can’t create a print template…sometimes it doesn’t give me an error but still does not create the template…using Vista Home Premium 32 bit….I have the latest verison of Lightroom

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  2. On Win XP –
    Double click on the preset. A box will pop up allowing you to associate a program to be able to read the extension. Select the lightroom exe file. Then it will ask you if you want to install the preset and click on yes.

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  3. Lightroom: 2.0
    OS: Win XP professional SP3

    Import at the print module:

    Error: “Failed to convert native image to blob.”

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  4. I’m able to print with this preset but I can’t get it to print horizontally across the long edge of the sheet, it keeps printing across the short edge which is not what I want. I’ve tried exporting as a PDF and that’s even worse and all I get is one of the boxes and a slither of the one’s either side.

    Exporting to PSD doesn’t work either as you get 5 separate files.

    Has anyone else had any luck?

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  5. Followed Perro’s advice – Thanks Perro!

    copy it directly to C:Documents and Settingsyour_user_nameApplication DataAdobeLightroomPrint TemplatesUser Templates

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  6. I get the Failed to convert image on blob” as well

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  7. Same here on WIndows Vista Home Premium “Failed to convert native image to blob.” message.

    All other presets work just fine, thank you.


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  8. Hi Matt

    All workin’ fine for me, thanks.

    Thanks for all your vid tips and presets, they are always helpful.

    All my best


    Mac OSX version 10.5.1

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  9. Hi Matt,

    I’m still getting the infamous “failed to convert image to native blob” nonsense.


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  10. sorry, that should read:

    C:Usersyour_profileAppDataRoamingAdobeLightroomPrint TemplatesUser Templates

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  11. For anyone on Vista, the directory structure is as follows:

    C:Users\AppDataRoamingAdobeLightroomPrint TemplatesUser Templates

    It is still a little temperamental though 🙂

    Hope this helps

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  12. Perro,

    Thank you for the solution.

    I knew I was doing the import correctly because I had no problem with Matt’s 2X2 A4 and 3X3 A4 print presets back in November.

    It seems to be a Windows/LR 1.3.1 problem.

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  13. fixed:
    copy it directly to C:Documents and Settingsyour_user_nameApplication DataAdobeLightroomPrint TemplatesUser Templates

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  14. #
    Jaap said, on January 8th, 2008 at 6:48 am

    Lightroom: 1.3.1
    OS: Win XP professional

    Import at the print module. Error: “Failed to convert native image to blob.”

    Same here. Im with XP Pro SP2

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  15. Nope. It reverted, and I cannot get it to give me both image and page landscape orientation. Some of the other print templates are acting screwy too. This is look like either a Lightroom/Windows problem or a Lightroom/Windows/Epson driver problem. Really odd behavior.

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  16. HOLD ON! After setting up Landscape in both Print Settings and Page Settings and getting a vertical print orientation, I navigated to another template.

    When I returned to Pano Print Template, suddenly they were in the right orientation. Moved the identify plate and pressed update with current settings. It seems to be holding. (At least, I am able to switch to Portrait, then back to Landscape and get correct orientation.

    Some of the rest of you try this and let me know what you get.

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  17. Directly placing it in the LR print presets directory works fine on my XP. However, as others have noted, Landscape mode has the five shots vertically oriented.

    I think what we’ve all learned is that 1.3.1 has some differences in how the print module is handled between Mac and Windows versions. This is not surprising, as I believe I’ve read in some Epson threads that printing is handled v. differently between the two programs.

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  18. Back at it again,

    I’m beginning to believe that it is a 1.3.1 issue on Windows.

    I have installed by direct copy to user template folder as suggested above and I mentioned in a earlier post. NOTE: Vista App data is different than XP.

    I have installed by “right click” and association with LR.

    Both ways the preset appears with orientation as portrait.

    If I do not change this and close LR and then reopen the preset as loaded is there.

    However, when I change the preset to Landscape and try to “update with current settings”, I get the Blob error and upon reopening LR the preset is gone and is no longer in the preset folder.

    So what I did was copy the preset into USER presets and also another copy into another folder.

    The one that I tried to change the orientation to landscape and then “update with current settings” -> Blob error and when I relaunched LR the one I tried to update was gone.

    No more from me , I promise.

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  19. Just to clarify what william said about making sure that the file is associated with LR…. this mean you have to find the folder where LR stores settings etc mine is @ C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataAdobeLightroomPrint TemplatesUser Templates
    Once you have found this spot or similar for your PC simply cut and paste the preset into this folder. Now you will need to re-launch LR and it will be there.
    Best of luck

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  20. My last comment cause I got other things to do and I think I’m losing it !

    Did as suggested by William…preset installed 🙂 change to landscape….had to select twice to stick 🙂 tried to update preset by right click update..BLOB message 🙁 closed LR…restart… Preset gone from module and no longer in preset folder. ;(

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  21. William,

    Thanks for install tip.

    Preset still coming in as Portrait( I think Matt’s intent was landscape ?)

    I then set page to landscape and preview changes to landscape but images still go up and down on page. Without doing any update of preset I select matt’s preset again and the images now run across page in landscape mode.

    Try to update preset and get BLOB message 🙂

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  22. Windows users, right click the preset and make sure that it is associated with Lightroom then double click the preset and Lightroom will ask you if you want to install it. Season to taste voila!

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  23. Matt,

    Attack of the BLOB here also.

    Windows Vista Home Premium LR 1.3.1

    So I loaded the preset directly into the C:Users”user directory”AppDataRoamingAdobeLightroomPrint Templates and the preset loads. However, portrait is Landscape and Landscape is Portrait.

    But I also notice something else. This is the first time that I have been in the print module since the 1.3.1 update and my preset Landscapes and portraits are also opposite to what I had originally set up. An my other presets are also not what I set up.

    Even stranger when I select page setup and change the orientation of your preset from Portrait to landscape and then reselect your preset the paper is landscape but images run up and down. Then if I reselect your preset the paper stays landscape and the images are also landscape. Press again all back back to portrait 🙁

    So I tried fixing the landscape setting and then to “update with current settings” then I get the ATTACK of THE BLOB.

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  24. I think I see the problem Matt. Shame on me. I was trying to import user presets under the Develop tab. When I switched to the Print tab and imported , all was well! Great preset and thanks for your patience!


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  25. Matt,

    Just downloaded the latest preset, and lightroom tells me it is the wrong type of preset.

    I am running vista prem. Do I need a mac?

    I am not sure why this is, but I don’t think it an issue with my PC



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  26. Hey Matt

    Has anyone told you that you get a blob error?

    Sorry I could not resist.

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  27. So.. if we do not have the latest lightroom 1.3.1, we can’t use this preset?
    I’m still getting the Blob error even with your new version.

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  28. Same “blob” error as everyone else. Prior success with all your other presets leads me to believe error on your side. Windows XP

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  29. Lightroom: 1.3.1
    OS: Win XP professional

    Import at the print module

    Error: “Failed to convert native image to blob.”

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  30. hey matt,

    i m on an imac/leopard/Lr 1.3.1/ and it loaded up perfectly. i did change the name plate though, haha!

    i am having problems with printing in general though. the color is crazy off. could you please point me to a resource for a more in depth set of instructions?


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  31. Hi Matt,
    The Lightroom seems to be ignoring the paper size settings from the preset.

    I also get the “blob” error but it’s fine bar the above mentioned problem if I copy the template file directly into the appropriate folder.

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  32. Hi Matt,

    All is working fine, but on my printer (Epson R1800) LR print it on portrait mode. So I only get out 4 of the 5 images and the other is printed on the other page.

    I tried, on the page setting, but it put the images on on top of the other.

    The only thing that get them printer like they are suppose to is to make a PDF and then ahave acrobat print it. Then the page is on the right side.

    What I’m a missing ?

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  33. Thanks for the preset Matt.

    My question has to do with printing this size template. How can I get this to print on say 13×19 paper with an HP B9180? The printer keeps giving me an error message that state “paper size error.” Any help would be appreciated. I am guessing I need to move it to Photoshop somehow. Thanks.

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  34. Hey Matt, thanks for the Pre-sets.
    I’m using a mac “tiger” lightroom version of Lightroom 1.3 no problems with the pre-set.
    I have a question for you:
    What is the difference if I install (drag) the pre-sets directly into the Application -> lightroom ->print (for example or the proper folder) -> User template, or doing your way down load and import from ex: desktop?

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  35. have same problem, error Error: “Failed to convert native image to blob.”

    running windows XP Media edition……….. 🙁

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  36. Hi Matt,

    To echo what Ron said above, I don’t print at home either as I send all of my printing out to my print house. But I would love to export the file to JPG so I can send it them.

    I don’t think that ability exists in Lightroom (save a JPG from the Print module) but please prove me wrong.


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  37. Matt,

    Identical message to the first one. Windows XP Pro with Lightroom 1.3.1.

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  38. Same error message. LR 1.3.1 XP


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  39. Tried it again Matt. Lightroom 1.3.1, iMac Mac OS X Leopard on Intel Mac .

    Same error.


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  40. New version of the template, old problem.

    Lightroom: 1.3.1
    OS: Win XP prof.

    Import at the print module

    Error: “Failed to convert native image to blob.”


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  41. Is there a way you can save the print module layouts to use with a third party printer.

    I don’t print (photos) at home, but many times I would love to get a 3 or 5 across layout printed without using PS to build up a new image.

    I’ve been mainly ignoring the print module because of lack of printing hardware, but perhaps there is a work around?


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  42. Hey everyone,
    I’ve uploaded a new version of the preset. I didn’t really change anything but give it a try to see if it works. I’ve tried it on several computers here and it works fine.
    1. Make sure you import to the Print module
    2. Make sure you have the latest version of Lightroom 1.3.1 (not just 1.3).

    Let me know if it works.

    Matt K

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  43. I’m running Vista Home Premium and I get the same error message…

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  44. Matt,

    running vista home prem and LR said it would not import.

    I did just like you said


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  45. I’m also suffering from the “blob” error…

    Really great website, only came across it recently, but it’s firmly in my bookmarks 🙂 Keep up the awesome work..

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  46. Hi, Matt.

    I’m also getting the “blob” message on XP Pro, SP2.

    Nice preset! Looking forward to using it.


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  47. Same here on XP Pro. “Failed to convert native image to blob.” Too bad, too, because I have a use for this.

    Other templates/presets on this site work just great. Terrific service, Matt.

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  48. Not working for me on XP. I am sure I did it right.


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  49. Works fine for me on XP Home. Are you sure you put it in the ‘printer template’ folder?

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  50. “The preset file was the wrong type of preset”.

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  51. I get the Failed to convert image on blob” as well

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  52. I also got an error message using Windows XP Pro. The message was displayed whether using a DNG or JPEG file.

    “Failed to convert image to blob”

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  53. Does this preset install and work on an iMac? I get this error message when I try to import:
    The preset file was the wrong type of preset.

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