I’m really excited to introduce a new feature on this site. Presets (or downloads or whatever you want to call them)! See…I realized I had an extra 15 minutes each week that was being wasted, so I decided to give myself one more item on the weekly “to-do” list. 🙂 All joking aside, I just think presets are cool. They fit into my favorite 3 categories:
1) They’re easy to use.
2) They save me time
3) They’re fun
This week’s first free preset bundle deals with edge darkening. These are presets that I actually use (on almost every photo I process) each day. When you install them you’ll see there’s 3 versions (Edge Darken light, medium, and dark). I very quickly click on each one after I’m done developing the photo (white balance, tone and color correction) and see which one looks best. That’s it. So make sure you stop by each week to check out the free download They’ll include everything from Develop presets (like this week’s preset), to Web Galleries, Slideshow, and Print presets. Enjoy!
Click here to download the presets. To install them, first unzip the ZIP file. Go to the Develop module. Then Right-click the User Presets item in the Presets panel and choose Import. Repeat this for each of the 3 presets.