Some Monday News

I’ve got some quick news to kick the week off. Also, don’t forget to scroll to the next post for the Monday Preset. First off, I’m really excited to report that my Adobe Certified Expert Exam Boot Camp class just went live on Kelby Training’s website. It’s based off of the live workshop I used to teach at Photoshop World. There is absolutely nothing like this out there when it comes to the Photoshop exam prep and I’ve already gotten some great feedback from it. You can take the class, try the first 3 lessons, or view the outline here.

Next up, Jack Reznicki and Katrin Eismann are teaching a two-day Lightroom workshop in New York City on January 12-13. Jack is an amazing commercial photographer and President-Elect of Professional Photographers of America. Katrin is a Photoshop Hall-of-Famer, best-selling author, and Chair of the MPS in Digital Photography degree program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. If that ain’t enough, they’re both just all around good people and I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with each of them so I know you’ll learn a ton and have a good time doing it. Take a look at the Digital Guru Workshop home page to find out more.

Lastly, I’ve got just 6 days until the Disney Marathon (26.2 LONG miles). I’m actually very calm and relaxed at this point and the week should be a breeze because I barely have to run at all. Basically, the idea is to rest up big time the week before the race so that’s just what I’m going to do. I’ll run a couple of miles on Wednesday and that’s it. I appreciate all of the kind wishes you left last week. I’ll report later on in the week with my bib number so you can track me online during the race if you want.

That’s it for now. Scroll to the next post for the Monday Lightroom Preset.