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Lightroom Tip and Seminar Contest Winners

Happy Friday everyone. I’m in Portland, Oregon right now getting ready to head up to Seattle. I’ll probably be shooting at Olympic National Park this weekend so if you’ve got any great photo spots, I’d sure appreciate it. Anyway, I figured I’d close up the week with a tip as well as post the winners who got a free ticket to my Kelby Training Lightroom 4 Live seminar later this month.

Okay, first… the tip. This one is for spot removal and making it more efficient in Lightroom. Instead of zooming in and dragging your cursor around looking for spots in your photo, you can help Lightroom search section by section to make sure you don’t miss any areas. First, zoom in to your photo to 100%. Then go to the Navigator panel (top left of Lightroom) and place the square in the top left of your photo (like you see below).

Now…ready for the cool part? Just press your page-down key. Lightroom will automatically move your little zoomed-in square to the next section below so you can check that area for spots. Press it again and it keeps going down. When it hits the bottom of the photo it’ll automatically shoot right up to the top of the next section of your photo and keep going. You gotta give it a try to see it in action but it works great.

Next, the winners for my Lightroom 4 Seminar. Don’t forget that if you didn’t win, you can still go 😉 Here’s the link on the Kelby Training Live website to find out more about the dates and outline for the day.

• Minneapolis: Gregg Jaehning
• Los Angeles: Jerry W.
Ronda Morris, you almost won but you called me Scott (just kidding, that didn’t keep you from winning – I just got a kick out of it) 🙂
• Chicago: Philip Merritt
• Lansing: Rich Wyllis