Lightroom Presets

Preset Monday – Lomo Arigato (Mr. Roboto)

It’s a brand new week and I’m kicking it off with a really cool preset. First off though, I have to thank everyone who pre-ordered my Photoshop Layers book. I posted about it on Friday and got a few responses from folks that pre-ordered. However, the pre-order sales I saw over the weekend showed me that a lot more of you actually ordered then commented here and I just wanted to say thanks – so Thanks!

Now for the preset. This one is based on a Lomography effect, hence the name “Lomo”. Sorry for the lame Styx reference but everytime I hear the word Lomo that’s all I can think of 🙂 Anyway, Lomography really has it’s roots in an old camera that produced a certain styled photo (you can read more about it here if you’d like) but I’ve seen a bunch of requests over the months to recreate it in Lightroom. If you think it sort of looks like a cross-processed effect then you’re right. It definitely has hints of it. However, this one is a little bit different and doesn’t produce quite the “greenish/yellowish” effect that a cross processed look will. So have at it. There’s only one version and I’ve found it works great for portraits as well as landscapes.

Click here to see a before/after sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Lomo Preset