Here’s some quick Lightroom news, websites, inspiration, and yes… one of Matt’s blatant plugs (I know, we haven’t seen one of those in a while). Let’s get started.

First up, let’s start off with my blatant plug. I’m ecstatic to report that I held a copy of my newly printed Photoshop Layers book yesterday. See, I wrote this book back in June of 2007. Because of some publishing schedules and a few other factors it’s just now being printed. As you can imagine (after having waited nearly 7 months) it’s a really cool feeling to finally hold a printed copy. So if you’re a Photoshop user (and I know you are) and you’re trying to get your head around that whole Layers concept this one is for you. Everyone that has seen it so far, loves it. Oh yeah, I’ll be signing the book for anyone who orders it from Kelby Training’s website so click here to get your copy signed.

Update: I forgot to mention, the Layers book hit the top 250 of all books on Amazon yesterday. It made it to the top 7 of all books in the Computers and Internet category. And it’s not even out yet! Sweet!!! Thanks to anyone who has already ordered it.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, check out some results of the aged texture preset from the other week. I love this stuff.

If you’re looking for some inspiration then you’re gonna like this one. I just spent about 15 minutes on It’s got a mix of documentary, portrait, beauty, and landscape photography and is well worth a visit.

It’s old news but one of my blog readers started a Flickr group for all of my presets a while back (now over 420 members strong!). That’s not the real news though. There’s a Lightroom Flickr group that’s really gained some traction over the last year. It’s not only got some great photos to look at but the comment section has spurred some really valuable discussions. Make sure you pay it a visit here.

If you’re looking for a Lightroom forum then here’s a couple of resources. First off, if you’re a NAPP member then the NAPP member website has a dedicated forum for Lightroom. The folks in the NAPP forums are awesome and you’ll thoroughly enjoy your time there. If you’re not a NAPP member, check out the Adobe forums or the ones over at

Finally, if you need even more Lightroom stuff to keep you busy over the weekend, Adobe has been doing a great job of keeping up to date Lightroom content out there. So if you get tired of hearing my voice or reading my stuff make sure you take a look at their Lightroom Design Center. I’ll warn you now though, I pop up on there a few times so if you are tired of me, seeing my stuff there could push you to that tipping point where you destroy all of your camera gear. So stay away from anything with my name on it 🙂

That’s all I got for today. Thanks for listening to my blatant plug. Make sure you stop by Kelby Training and buy lots of signed copies 😉 (hey, I’m excited). Of course, if that’s not your thing, just make sure you have a fun and safe weekend. See you next week!