Jill Greenberg Video and a Birthday

Guess who’s birthday it is this week? Nope, not mine (that’s next week in case you want to send presents). This week marks the one year birthday of the official release of Lightroom 1.0. Yep, it’s been a whole year. Actually, it’s been longer then that since LR was out for about a year in beta before that. But most people didn’t really start using it until the launch last February. So happy birthday to Lightroom. What was your workflow like 1 year ago?

EVB (sorry, they didn’t leave their full name) posted a comment yesterday that I wanted to share with everyone. He/she pointed out a link to a video interview done with Jill Greenberg. Her photography has been talked about here a number of times as well as a lot of other places on the web. While she doesn’t share exactly what she’s doing both in camera, and in Photoshop, you can get a good insight into some aspects of her work. I found it really interesting to look at the catch lights in some of the work to see the lighting setup. Anyway, here’s the link.

One last thing. I forgot to mention that the Lomo preset from yesterday was actually on the list of suggested presets from the other week. So congrats to Tiffany for winning a one month subscription to Kelby Training’s online training site.