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A New Lightroom Update (includes Canon 5D Mark IV Support) and Some New Tweaks


Ever since Canon’s 5D Mark IV started actually shipping, I’ve been heaving a steady stream of people asking “When is Lightroom going to supports the Mark IV?!” – Well, today’s the day (well, technically, yesterday) — Adobe released an update that mostly adds support for new cameras (along with the 5D Mark IV, they also added support for the new iPhone RAW formats, including the new iPhone 7, plus the just-announced GoPro Hero5 Black, and the Nikon D3400, among others), and a host of new lens profiles as well.

Also, tethering support was added for the Nikon D5 and the Nikon D500.

There are three interesting tweaks as well – Here’s how Adobe describes the new enhancements: 

(1)Updates to ‘All Synced Photos’ – You can now drag images directly to the ‘All Synced Photographs’ collection in the Catalog panel.  By doing so, the image syncs with the Creative Cloud, and ensures that you’ll be able to edit, organize, or share the photo on the go with Lightroom across your devices.”

(2)Smart Previews for Faster Performance – “Astute customers reported faster performance in the Develop Module when using Smart Previews and keeping their original images disconnected from their computer.  Now, you can set a Preference in the Performance tab so that Lightroom will always use Smart Previews in the Develop Module, if they are available, even when the original files are also available.”

You’ll find this new preference, under Preferences; click on the Performance Tab and turn on “Use Smart Previews Instead Of Originals For Image Editing.” Click OK and restart Lightroom.

(3) Publish to Adobe Stock Contributor Site: “You can now submit images directly from Lightroom CC to the brand new Adobe Stock Contributor Site using the included Adobe Stock Publish Service.  By contributing to Adobe Stock, you have the opportunity to showcase your work to millions of customers directly inside Creative Cloud applications.”

Plus, all the usual bug fixes and stuff to make Lightroom more stable. Good news all around.

OK, I’m off to teach my seminar here in Minneapolis today
Hope to meet a bunch of you in person (we have a great group of about 250 photographers signed up for the seminar today – looking forward to meeting everybody!).





  1. FRANCISCO CHAPARRO 19 July, 2019 at 09:47 Reply

    The Greedy Corporate CEO won’t Help or support previous LR stand alone Owners. They want you to keep buying and pay them a monthly fee for software that we use too just pay one flat price for a disk set and have the support that comes with it. NOW..YOU WANT IT ? PAY A RENT FEE TO USE IT.. in a yearly base subscription and you’ll have the updates. Wow how far we have fallen. that SUCKS..

  2. Philip 24 January, 2017 at 01:09 Reply

    I am using lightroom 6 standalone(perpetual) license. Will it be possible for me to open 5d4 raw files (not the dpix raw)

    • Catherine 9 May, 2017 at 16:14 Reply

      not in my recent experience. I am using LR6 and cannot open them. I have yet to find an update or solution other than converting to DNG

  3. Abram 27 September, 2016 at 12:00 Reply

    Another buggy release from Adobe. Develop module sliders won’t update photo preview, black previews when graphics processor is enabled, mini-animations (panels opening, switching photos, etc.) are all still jittery and not smooth/fast…

    Waiting for On1 to come out and give it a go. I need simple, fast, and a non-buggy software release from Adobe.

  4. Nick Nieto 21 September, 2016 at 10:53 Reply

    I’m all for faster Lightroom. My library module seems pretty sluggish… never had to many problems with the actual develop module though. I am curious what downsides are to using smart previews – I’m guessing it will use more hard drive space because it seems like you essentially have 2 raw files but maybe not. Any other downsides?

      • Pavlos H 22 September, 2016 at 06:34 Reply

        Don’t forget that smart previews are not 1:1 (ie they’re shrunk Dow a bit depending on the resolution of your sensor)

        I do have to say I wish they’d actually tackle performance rather than enable hacks that we’ve all done. It’s nice I don’t have to unmount my sources now but talk abut as a developer myself, talk about a “one liner”. Just hope this doesn’t stop them from tackling woeful performance issues with full up raws…

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