My Induction Into The Photoshop Hall Of Fame

Last week at Photoshop World I had the honor of being inducted in to the official Photoshop Hall of Fame. Rather than rewriting here, what was probably a way too long speech, I wanted to just cut to the chase and let all of you know what I’m most thankful for when it comes to my career in Photoshop.

Of course, I’m incredibly thankful to Scott Kelby and everyone at Kelby Media Group for the amazing opportunities I’ve had. If it weren’t for them I’d never be where I am today. And many thanks goes to my family for all of the support that they’ve given me over the years.

But the real thanks for all of this goes to a group of people that I would have never guess would be so important to me when I started this career nearly 10 years ago. See, back when I first started in this career I was naive. I thought the most rewarding part of my job would have been getting to use Photoshop every day. Getting to play around, experiment, teach, and learn all of the newest and latest techniques out there. But I was dead wrong. Because over the years I’ve learned the most rewarding part of what I do is hearing the success stories from all of you. Anyone who’s ever read my articles or books. Anyone who has ever attended a seminar, workshop, or conference I’ve taught at. Anyone who’s ever emailed, facebooked, tweeted or sent me a message online. You guys are SOOOO the coolest and most rewarding part of this career. Hearing your success stories… whether it’s for your job or just your passion in Photoshop and photography and design. Hearing the inspiration you get from all of the Photoshop World instructors and everyone at Kelby Media Group. Hearing how my training, and everyone around me has helped you achieve that success and inspiration is BY FAR, the most rewarding job satisfaction and experience I could ever imagine in this career.

Thank you!

PS: The keynote is posted online on Youtube. The whole thing is about 1 hour and 45 minutes long. My (way too long) speech is right around the 1:21 mark in the video if you want to check it out. Thanks! 🙂