Lightroom Presets

Monday Presets – Sharpening

This week’s free presets deal with sharpening. Now, I know Lightroom has a couple of sharpening presets built right in (one for landscapes and one for portraits). The reason I created my own was that I felt these presets were a bit on the “not enough” side. A couple of times they worked great, but most of the time I found I was increasing the sharpening strength. So I created my own (3 for portraits and 3 for landscapes). They’re grouped into a “a little, a little more, or a lot” format. I’ll tell you right off the bat that there is absolutely no scientific reasoning behind this other then these presets look good when applied to my photos. Actually there’s a little reasoning. You’ll see with the portrait ones that the Masking setting is always cranked up, which is generally what I use when I want to preserve the skin tone. For the landscape ones I leave it at a lower setting. Anyway, enjoy them. I hope they work well for you.
Click here to download Matt’s Sharpening presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets.