Lightroom Tips

Tip – Get to Before/After View Quick

You’re going to love me for this one. I just figured this out today and it’s already one of my new favorite shortcuts (at least for a day – until I either a) forget it or, b) find a new one). Anyway, if you’re in the Develop module and you want to see a quick Before/After view of your photo, just press the Y key. Then press Y again to get back to your regular Loupe view. Yep, that’s it. Short and sweet today, but it’s a really cool shortcut. If you ever forget the shortcut just look at the before/after icon. It’s got a little Y on it (I know, I never noticed it before!). Oh, and thanks so much for all the great comments since I turned commenting on yesterday. I really appreciate the kind words. And I’ll have you know that “Mr. Angry Pants” hasn’t shown up once. What a bonus! Take care everyone.