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Q&A – Lightroom and Apple's Leopard OS

Question Can / Should I upgrade to Leopard if I’m using Lightroom?
Answer Can you? Yep. Should you? Well, there have been a number of questions about upgrading to Apple’s Leopard OS and problems with Lightroom. Let’s just say this. If you’re a Lightroom user on a Mac you probably want to wait for an update. There are a few issues right now and some of them can be kinda major. Tom Hogarty from Adobe gives a good explanation of the issues on his website. Looks like an update from Adobe is on the way sometime in November so things should get better quickly. So, if you can hold off for a few weeks you’ll probably save yourself a few headaches. If not, then hey, revel in the fact that you have a cool new OS upgrade even if Lightroom has some issues with it.



  1. Pete 8 February, 2008 at 21:51 Reply

    Well I am first to admit that I am way behind. Yesterday I watched some of your videos and was impress with how well you explained things. Next I notice that you have more controls/options then I do. So I started looking and realized that I am on version 1.0. I have a couple of questions. Can I just download 1.3 and be good to go? Are there things I should check for as I go from one version to the next? Will catalogs screw up my current libraries? Do you have a url I should go to look up more information?


  2. Walter 7 December, 2007 at 12:56 Reply

    I recently upgraded to Apple’s Leopard OS for my Mac Pro. I also updated to Lightroom 1.3. I waited until 1.3 was available before upgrading the Mac OS. Since upgrading, printing to my Epson Stylus Pro 3800 has been a problem. I updated the printer driver to the latest 10.5 compatible driver from Epson’s website but I still have problems. Prints no longer match what I see on my monitor. Colors are weak and washed out, lacking all saturation. I have tried increasing saturation via Lightroom’s saturation control but it has no effect on the printer’s output. I am using ICC profiles for my paper/printer combination and set printer color control off. I have tried exporting images to Photoshop and printing from Photoshop with the same results—unsaturated, washed-out prints.

    Has anyone else encountered printing problems with these latest updates and does anyone have a clue as what is going on?

  3. AmandaD 15 November, 2007 at 07:27 Reply

    Can I leave a Question for the next Q&A: Is there a file or way to export all my settings in LR about the appearance and identity template that I can use on all the other computers that I occasionally use Lightroom? I have about 4 computers that I may at times use LR, but they are all different than my main computer at home, which I have customized.

  4. misschatter 14 November, 2007 at 14:37 Reply

    Whew, I’m so glad I held off on upgrading until I got my book and images shipped out the door to the publisher. I feared the upgrade would cause an issue with my Lightroom catalog, so held off. No worries on waiting a little longer!

  5. Wiseman 14 November, 2007 at 07:37 Reply

    It’s never a good idea to jump on a brand new OS version as soon as it hits the stores.

    Also an old lion like Tiger (or XP) is still going through minor updates and bug fixes…

    More, Leopard doesn’t really add nothing to the functionality you get with Tiger, so there is really no reason to get it now….


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