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Q&A – Lightroom and Apple's Leopard OS

Question Can / Should I upgrade to Leopard if I’m using Lightroom?
Answer Can you? Yep. Should you? Well, there have been a number of questions about upgrading to Apple’s Leopard OS and problems with Lightroom. Let’s just say this. If you’re a Lightroom user on a Mac you probably want to wait for an update. There are a few issues right now and some of them can be kinda major. Tom Hogarty from Adobe gives a good explanation of the issues on his website. Looks like an update from Adobe is on the way sometime in November so things should get better quickly. So, if you can hold off for a few weeks you’ll probably save yourself a few headaches. If not, then hey, revel in the fact that you have a cool new OS upgrade even if Lightroom has some issues with it.