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Lightroom Classic Users: How to Use LR Mobile and NOT hit your 20-GB Limit

This one gets a lot of users, but understanding how your free 20-Gig storage works will help you not get in a bind.

First, some really good news:

If you use Lightroom Classic and you want to sync your images to Lightroom Mobile – it uses Smart Previews and get this….you have UNLIMITED storage for Smart Previews for free, so you can sync over as many images as you want over to mobile without worrying about that 20 GB limit at all. No limits – all free, free, free!

So, how does that 20 GB get eaten up?


a) shooting with Lightroom Mobile’s built-in camera (fills even faster if you shoot in RAW)

b) Importing images from your DSLR or Mirrorless into Lightroom Mobile.

If you’re not doing one of those, and all you’re doing is syncing images from Classic to Mobile (that’s what I do), you’ll never run out of space, because you’re not even using any of that free 20 GB.

Robb did a great article that goes into more depth (here’s that link), but I hope this helps clear up some confusion, and I hope it helps you better manage that free space (or at least sleep better at night knowing you may not even need it worry about it). 🙂

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Here’s to a kick-butt week, everybody!. Let’s go!!!!! 🙂




  1. Jan Erik Moström 3 March, 2021 at 01:35 Reply

    The biggest problem för me when trying to use this is that LR has never ever managed to not sync properly, after a few hours/days/weeks there are always photos that are “currently being synced”. And yes, I’ve tried waiting, turning on/off syncing, etc. But nothing happens. This is incredibly annoying, and the main reason why I use syncing as little as possible. If I’ve lost photos due to this?

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