Adding Grain For a Vintage B&W Look in Lightroom

This first one is a 1-minute quickie from our dear friend and KelbyOne Instructor, Serge Ramelli.

How To Create More Than One Spotlight Using the Radial Filter

Here’s a cool little, yet very simple trick, from me that lets you use Lightroom’s Radial Filter to create two spotlights in the same image (which is harder than you’d might think, because when you add the 2nd spotlight, it kind of cancels out the first spotlight). This will all make much more sense when you watch the video above. It’s way better than it sounds.

Lightroom Classic Slideshow Tip

I know what your’e probably thinking. Wait? Lightroom Classic has a slideshow feature? It does, and it’s pretty much like it was the day it was introduced some 14-years ago, but this tip helps make it a little better. It’s just one minute, so…there’s that. LOL!!

Wait, one more thing…

Here’s the Official Trailer For The Wildlife Photography Conference

I just got the trailer last night and wanted to share it with you here today because it really captures the spirit of what we’re trying to accomplish with this upcoming conference. Can you give it a quick look if you’re got a sec? I think you’ll dig it (and the conference). Here’s where to sign up to attend the online conference.

Have a safe, happy, fun weekend everybody!