Lightroom Mobile

My Workflow For Using Lightroom Mobile In The Studio

Morning everybody (and sorry for the late post. I had some technical issues this morning). Anyway, here’s a short video from a live shoot on how I use Lightroom Mobile in my workflow, and in particular (during this live shoot), I show how to set up Lightroom Mobile to not only get the images from your live shoot direct to an iPad (so a client, art director or assistant in the studio can see your best shots as they come in), but I also show how to set it up to where anyone anywhere can follow your shoot live as it happens. It’s really a pretty cool little set-up.

Right after I shot this video, Adobe released Lightroom version 5.7 and added the ability for someone reviewing the shoot remotely (from any Web browser) can not only tell you (via Lightroom) which shots are their favorites, but they can send comments directly to you via Lightroom about any particular image. I’ll have more on that soon, but in the meantime, here’s how I use Lightroom Mobile in my own workflow (I added my own twist to the default set-up that makes it work better for me, and you might want to consider this, too!).

Hope you find this helpful. 🙂