Lightroom 5 Beta Presets For The New Radial Filter

Yesterday Adobe released the free public beta of Lightroom 5. Over at NAPP, Scott Kelby and I did an entire launch site with videos, links and tips that show you all the new stuff in Lightroom 5.

Well, one of my favorite new features is the new Radial Filter. It’s a new great way to draw attention to certain parts of your photo without using the Post Crop Vignette in the Effects panel. Plus, it lets you control exactly which part of the photo you show off (the vignette doesn’t give you that control).

The other really cool part about the Radial Filter is that it let’s you save the settings as a Develop Module preset. And because I’m a preset junkie, I decided to make my own presets that use the filter in different parts of the photo (with different strength settings). So basically, you’ll see presets that put focus on the upper right, left or lower right or left parts of the photo. And each preset comes with 3 different strength settings that let you control just how dark the rest of the photo gets (Light, Medium, Strong).

Here’s a few samples. You really have to try the presets out though, since they don’t show up as well when the images are small.

Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!


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    • Presets look good but I won’t be blackmailed into ‘Liking’ a website in order to get’em.

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      • Who told you to “like” a website?

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        • Thanks for the presets. Didn’t have to “like” the page. Even if I did, it’s not exactly blackmail!

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  1. These presets for the radial filter look promising. I’ve downloaded them and will be trying them out.

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  2. Matt, you posted about your trip to Norway. Here are some suggestions: Atlantic road (fabulous) Askevagen, Kjeska, Geitoya, Myrbaerholmbrua. Other areas to visit are Bergen and Stavanger.
    Have a nice trip. I wish I could be there too.

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  3. Hi Matt,
    First I want to thank you and publish the fact that I have learned Lightroom as well as Photoshop simply by viewing your tips for the last few years. Your short clips format worked perfectly for me.

    Now I feel I can contribute a little. It all started with the ‘strong tonal contrast’ preset. Once selecting it I was never able to get the same result by selecting the other presets. It confused me for a while but then I realized what the reason was. You had this clarity graduate filter that stayed there even when I piked the other presets.

    Recently I saw a video which offer an approach which I believe is helpfull. The idea is to break the preset into several steps (name them properly) then group them under one folder with the preset name.

    Meaning: When you save the presets step you pick only the adjustment you wish to include in this step. (For example graduate clarity – naming it +100 clarity)

    Doing so gives you way more flexibility in using the presets by stacking them one over the other (If you unchecked the fields you do not want the preset to interfere with)

    You can always creat a revers preset to eliminate the changes ( like 0 clarity in

    Alternately, taking the approach you took so far, one must check all the fields always (even the ones you leave at zero) as otherwise one might have leftovers from a previous presets applied.

    Wrap up
    Two different approaches for each one to choose which suits his way but have to be consistent.

    Hope I could explain myself clear. English is not my native language.

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  4. Hi Matt,
    The Radial Filter is a nice new feature, but I’m really excited about the new spot removal. Thanks for the link to the video. Very helpful.

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  5. Hi
    you may want to update the download’s name to “Spotlight” (“Black and White Tonal Contrast Effect” was the name of the previously offered preset).


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  6. hi
    not so good this new function
    we can adjust only up/down left/right but not the other angles… from up-left to down-right no solution as I see
    second problem for me !! I have to make selection of the point all the time each time I change a parameter (light saturation clarity and so one) I have to select again and again the point… (maybe it is only my problem ?)
    anyway LR is great, even I do not feel a lot of changes between 4 and 5 beta

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    • Ok Not a lot but great changes and ameliorations
      If anyone can tell me why when I use a tool I have to reselect all the time the spot ?

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