Lightroom Presets

Lightroom 4 Presets: Summer Haze

It’s May 1st and summer is rapidly approaching (we’ve already got summer-like weather in Florida so we’re close enough in my book). I was looking through some of my old Lightroom 3 presets and deciding which ones to update to Lightroom 4, and the Summer Haze preset seemed like a good choice. Overall, I was trying to get across that summery, warm, hazy feeling and this is what came out of it. The preset adjusts the white balance, Vibrance, Saturation, negative Clarity (for some softness) and Split Toning sliders. I even tossed in a bit of a Tone Curve adjustment on it in the Shadows since the other settings seemed to muddy the photo up a bit, and I thought it needed some more blacks to bring back the contrast. It works great on outdoor photos and even makes a pretty nifty wedding effect. Hope you and enjoy!

The Presets:

  • Click here to download the presets.
  • Here’s a video that’ll help you install and organize your presets.
  • Here’s a before/after examples (click to see it larger).