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Getting Your Images From Lightroom into Adobe Portfolio Just Got a Lot Easier

Hi, gang — I’m back from my trip to Lisbon and Morocco (photos and a Webcast to come soon), but for today I wanted to cover the recent update to Adobe Portfolio (the free online pro-look portfolio that comes with your Creative Cloud subscription plan) and how it now much more seamlessly, quickly, and easily lets you import your Lightroom collections as galleries in Adobe Portfolio. This is really a big workflow improvement. Here’s how it works:

NOTE: If you’re not familiar with Adobe Portfolio, I did a post and short video about it at this link.

OK, as for the updated Lightroom integration, here’s how it works:

STEP ONE: This feature only works with collections you’ve synced to Lightroom Mobile, so start by going to the Collections panel and turn on syncing for Collection you want to upload to Adobe Portfolio (as seen here, where I’m clicking on the Sync button to the far left of the collection’s name).

STEP TWO: Go to MyPortfolio.com – log in with your Adobe User Name and ID, then click the Add Content + sign (in the left side panel) to bring Add Content dialog you see above.

STEP THREE: This brings up the window you see here, which is a mirror of the collections you’d sync’d to Lightroom Mobile. Click on the collection you want to import (it will import all the images in that collection all at once — no need to go selecting image-by-image like we had to do in the past), then click the Import Selected button in the bottom right corner.

STEP FOUR: Your images will appear in a grid layout, where you can reorder the images, and customize your online gallery page just the way you want. It’s really quick and easy (thank you, Adobe!).

Our buddy and Adobe Official Worldwide Evangelist Terry White did a nice video on this update, along with more details on using Adobe Portfolio, and I’m embedding it below. It’s really worth checking out.

Hope you found that helpful. 🙂

Heads up: My Lightroom seminar is coming to Phoenix and Houston in just a couple of weeks. Hope you can out and spend the day with me. 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody!





  1. Bob Fately 22 February, 2018 at 08:53 Reply

    You comment: “This feature only works with collections you’ve synced to Lightroom Mobile” which makes sense, but even though I’ve been using LR Classic CC for 2+ years now I have never cared to sync to LR Mobile.

    Now I find that does not seem to be an option – the option I get in LR Classic CC today is to sync to LR CC (which I realize is the “webby” version of LR Classic).

    My question is – did Adobe change the name of LR Mobile to LR CC (when they changed LR CC to LR Classic CC) – so now the instruction would be “This feature only works with collections you’ve synced to Lightroom CC”?

    I have no desire to edit from my iPad etc., and so never cared to even try LR CC when Adobe made their ridiculously confusing name changes. But am I correct in thinking that now in order to use LR Portfolio I have to sync with what they call LR CC?

  2. Lambert Heenan 16 October, 2017 at 12:12 Reply

    Well it’s a nice start, but how long before they give us support for keywords, titles and captions that we create in Lightroom? Right now you have to do it all by hand in MyPortfolio, unlike Flickr which handles all of that and more automatically.

  3. Patrick 16 October, 2017 at 01:38 Reply

    Apart from my question about the Collection Sets appearing in LR-on-the-web, I have tested this new feature and found it to be virtually useless if you want or have any other layout for your photos on your MyPortfolio website. There is simply no way of changing the photo grid that is created by into any other layout. The only change that’s possible is re-arranging the order of the photos. So saying that “you can customize your online gallery page just the way you want”, is not entirely correct. It’s a photo grid and will always stay a photo grid. This way of “importing” your photos into your MyPortfolio website forces you to use a photo grid, no matter how your original template and layout is.

  4. Patrick 14 October, 2017 at 12:28 Reply

    I would gladly have asked this question to Terry White himself, on his YouTube channel, but comments on his video are disabled. So here it is: Did anyone else notice the fact that Terry’s Collection *Sets* now also seem to be able to sync vs only collections for us mere mortals?! You can see it in a glimpse just before he adds a LR collection to his Adobe Portfolio site using the new feature as he has to open one of his Collection *Sets* (they feature a small “folder” icon) to choose the collection he wants to add to his portfolio site.

    Does anyone know how he manages to sync his Collection Sets instead of only his Collections? Or is this some kind of beta feature that only the gurus are testing out for now?

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