Hi gang, and happy Monday. Just a quickie today, but it’s a handy one if your keyword list has gotten really long because there’s a good chance that a number of those keywords you see in that list, aren’t actually assigned to any photos (something that happens over time as you remove images from Lightroom). Here’s how to tame that list:

Above: Take a look at the Keyword List panel, and you’ll see a number of keywords that have the number “0” to the right of them — those are keywords that don’t have photos in your catalog assigned to them. So, they’re just kind of dead keywords at this point.

STEP ONE: Go under the Metadata menu up top and all the way at the bottom of the menu choose “Purge Unused Keywords” (as shown here).

STEP TWO: Well, there’s really no “step two” — but take a look at the keyword List panel now — no more zeros, because all the unassigned keywords are gone. Easy peasy.

Hope you found that helpful. 🙂



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