Removing Keywords from Multiple Photos in Lightroom


Adding and removing Keywords from your photos in Lightroom is one of the best ways to avoid a large amount of headache down the road as your collection gets bigger. Figured this would be a good time to show you two quick ways to get rid of keywords in multiple images should you have to.

Using the Keyword List Panel

Move over into the Grid view and select the multiple images that you’d like to remove the keywords from.  If you want to select a series of images in a list – press the first image and shift click the last image in the series.  If you’d like to select images that are not next to one another, just make sure you command (PC: Control) click the image you want to work with.


You’ll notice that the Keywording List panel to the right holds all of the words that you have used in your catalog in alphabetical order.  The words that you’ve tagged with the picture appear with a checkbox.  If you want to add a keyword to the set, hover over the keyword you want to add and you’ll get a square to the left of the word, letting you check it.


If you hover over the checkbox that already exists, you’ll see a dialog box asking you to add the word to the selected photo.  Don’t worry about that.  Click on the checkbox and the check will be removed – taking the keyword off of the images that you have selected.


Using the Keywording Panel


You could also use the Keywording panel in Lightroom to remove the keyword from single and multiple images as well.  Highlight the images that you want to work with and click inside of the box in the keywording panel.  From here, you can highlight the keyword that you would like to remove and hit the enter key.


Either way for this is good, and completely up to you.  I think if you have a collection that has a bunch of keywords, it could get a little harder to scroll up and down to find the keyword you like.  That said – I think that there are a little bit more steps going into the panel and deleting the items there.

The most important part of it all is that you do it in the first place.  Keeping a clean and organized catalog pays off down the road.  Have a great weekend everyone!