Lightroom Tips

Friday Tip – Auto Stacks

That weekend time is upon us again and I know mine will be a great one. Why? Because any weekend that I don’t have to run 26 miles is a good weekend 🙂 OK, here’s the tip. Wanna save some time when trying to organize your photos into stacks? Let Lightroom do it. There’s a little known option hidden in the Stacking menu in Lightroom’s Library module. It’s called Auto-Stack by Capture Time. When you choose it you get a simple dialog with one slider. When you move it to the left you get more stacks because Lightroom uses less time as a reference between captures. When you move it to the right you get fewer stacks because Lightroom allows more time between captures. The coolest thing is that it automatically computes how many stacks you’ll end up with and how many unstacked photos you’ll wind up with right in the dialog before it stacks them. You have to be in the Library module and go under Photo > Stacking to find it. Well that’s it for this week. Have a great weekend.