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Creating The “Tilt Shift” Look in Lightroom

Mornin’ everybody — glad to see you here today. 🙂

Normally, we’d go to Photoshop and use its Blur Gallery “Tilt Shift” filter to create the “tiny town” look made famous by Tilt Shift lenses — where you photograph a scene from a high angle, (maybe on a rooftop or from a hotel window), and then applying this effect makes the scene look like a tiny toy model. Anyway, here’s a way you can do the whole thing in Lightroom.

Cool that you can do the whole thing right within Lightroom.

OK, ready for a cool Photoshop technique?
I did a step-by-step tutorial over on my daily blog on how to create a drop shadow effect that was inspired by “The Gallery at KelbyOne” winner Mark Wegner’s portfolio. When we showed Mark’s work, one of my readers asked how to create a similar shadow effect, and that’s what I did today over on the blog.

Hope you find at least one of those helpful.

Stop by back tomorrow — it’s very possible that I’ll have something unusually super cool to show you (OK, it’s more than possible). 🙂



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