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It’s Time For Another Custom Print Layout Template (and a free download, too!)

Hi Gang: Well, since it’s the weekend, I thought I’d create another custom print layout – show you how to create your own, and for any lazy Lightroom lovers out there, I even made a template out of it, so you can download it and use in your copy of Lightroom. In the tutorial (below) I used aviation photos, but this would work for wedding layouts, automotive, pet photos — really, whatever type images you drag and drop into the layout.

Here’s a link to download the free Print Template for this layout.

Hope you found that helpful.

OK, what to watch this weekend…
This is a rockin’ class — Using Music to Grow Your Photography Sales (with Roy Ashen) and I want to share a comment I saw on this class from our of our KelbyOne members, who wrote:

This is one of the best classes on KelbyOne! :boom:It’s different, a new way to present your photographs, huge impact on your clients and easy to create. I give a movie as a present to my clients and they show the movie to others. In three minutes your clients see [sic] a lot of your work! Again, this is one of the best classes on KelbyOne! A must see! Thanks Roy and KelbyOne!


Here’s a direct link to Roy’s class. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody, and hopefully we’ll catch you on Monday night for our “Photoshop World Conference Live Q&A” with me, Larry B. and Vanelli. What could go wrong? 😉 – Details are over on my blog today (at the bottom of the post). It’s free and open to everybody.