The Lightroom Training Track at Photoshop World 2016 Las Vegas


Registration for the 2016 Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas is now open! (Whoo Hoo!!!) but what I wanted to highlight is the fact that we have an entire Lightroom Training Track that runs the entire three days of the conference (in short: you can come to Photoshop World and immerse yourself in Lightroom learning the whole time).

Of course we’ve got lots of cool new things this year – lots of new instructors, new workshops, new networking events, new parties (we’re even working on a Pub Crawl for this year), and a whole lot more! (lots of fun stuff we’ve yet to announce – we’re brewing up a doozy this year!).

You can register today at PhotoshopWorld.com and save $100 by taking advantage of the Early Bird discount. Also, if you’re a KelbyOne member, you can save another $100 off the full conference pricing.

I hope you can join us there this summer. It’s going to be (wait for it…wait for it…) epic! (you knew that was coming).

Hope you have a great Weekend. 🙂



P.S. Did I mention we’re going to Vegas? Well  we are. Awwwwwyeah! Come along and learn more about Lightroom in three days than you have in three years. Pack your bags — we’re going to Vegas!