You’re Invited To Be a Part of My 8th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk


Hi Gang – everybody that comes to this blog is a photographer, so I wanted to be sure to personally invite you to my 8th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ which is coming Saturday, Oct 3rd all over the world.

I’m leading a local walk in Sydney, Australia (my first time every in Australia, and I’m totally psyched!). All the details about the walk are over on my daily blog at scottkelby.com where I did a “Photo Walk Q&A” today so I hope you’ll pop over and check it out. It answers a lot of questions.

If you’ve been on a photo walk before and you want to sign up right now for a walk in a city near you (it’s free), here’s the link to the official Worldwide Photo Walk Website.

Lightroom Stuff!
Each week I’ll be sharing some photography tips, and post processing techniques for photo walkers, including some fun Lightroom stuff, so if you sign up for a walk, you’ll be hearing from me about once a week with stuff like that.

Hope you all have a better than average Monday. 🙂