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You’ll Love The Name of My New Online Lightroom Class

That’s right — it’s “Lightroom Killer Tips!” (I thought you’d dig that). 🙂

Hey everybody – I’m finally back from my photo trip to Italy, and I’m ready to get back into the groove (though our offices are closed today due to the hurricane). Anyway, yesterday we released my brand new class called Lightroom CC Killer Tips (see the trailer above), and it’s right up your alley because it’s all my favorite tips, tricks, workarounds, shortcuts, timesavers, and little known features to make you faster, more efficient and have more fun in Lightroom.

Of course, you guys that frequent this site will recognize some of the tips, but I take a lot of the written tips I’ve shared here and bring them to life on video in this class that covers a TON of material in a relatively short time.

If you’re a KelbyOne member, I hope you’ll check it out this weekend.
If you’re a member yet, you can still watch the entire class for free – just take the 10-day free trial and you watch it right now (along with about 600 other classes on everything from Photoshop to flash, Lightroom to lighting, and everything in between.

Here’s the direct link to the class. 

Hope you have a great weekend (try to stay safe and dry — that’s our goal here in Florida, and we’ll catch ya here on Monday for our regularly scheduled tips and tricks.