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What makes this new Lightroom “Collaborative Proofing” Feature Any Better Than What We Already Had?

I saw comments like those from my post last Friday about this new Lightroom Technology Preview, so I thought I’d address it here today. There are at least five advantages (maybe more), over the current limited proofing feature e and here they are:

(1) You can limit the total number of picks a client can choose, which is really helpful. I’ve submitted 120 images to a client and had them request 109 images edited and retouched. Lesson learned. Now I say “Pick your 10 or 12 favorite” and then I can use this feature to make sure they don’t go over my limit.

(2) You don’t have to go back to a small panel in Lightroom Classic to see their picks — they’re all collected right there for you, right where you shared them on Lightroom Web in the first place.

(3) You’re one click away from creating a collection of just their picks

(4) You can easily take that collection of their picks and resubmit them to have them narrow things down even more (and limit that number ot maybe 3 or just 1.

(5) You get a notification in your Lightroom CC mobile app letting you know if your client makes a selection or comment.

That’s just five of the low-hanging fruit; I’ll bet Adobe could give you a few more. I know watermarking was one some folks really would like to see added, and hopefully that will make the final version.

Only 7-Days Left To Get The The Photoshop World Conference Orlando Early-Bird Discount

This is the last week to save that extra $100 on a full-conference pass, so get your tickets right now (and don’t forget to snag a room at the official conference hotel, the Hyatt Regency Orlando — it’s where all the instructors and staff are saying, and the conference itself is in their convention center). First, watch this short (around 33-seconds) video to get you ready!

Here are the details:

Who: Landscape photographers, portrait photographers, Lightroom users, wedding photographers, designers, Photoshop freaks, creative people, newbies, pros, street photographers, social media content creators, Web developers, lighting lovers, and the best instructors in the world.

What: The Photoshop World Conference, produced by KelbyOne

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When: May 31-June 2, 2019

Why: Because we all need to keep learning, keep laughing, keep being inspired, recharging our creative batteries, and getting away from it all for three days where we shut everything else out and just soak it all in. Plus, there’s a ton of Lightroom training every single day, so…ya know, there’s that. 🙂

Tickets and more info at PhotoshopWorld.com – Hope to see you there, and in the meantime, here’s to a rockin’ Monday!